11! We’re up to 11!

My 50th Birthday WishWe’re up to 11 kids sponsored! That’s 11 kids whose lives have been changed in the past 12 days!

One of the things our family loves is Compassion Magazine.  If you have an iPad, you can download the free Compassion Magazine that’s interactive.  It’s a wonderful resource for both you and your family.

The magazine’s articles are also on the web and these stories were some of my favorite ones in this past month’s magazine.

I believe there are 39 families who were waiting to see if someone else was going to step up and say yes.  Today’s the day to find the child that your family will love, pray for, and encourage!

Tomorrow’s my birthday!


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6 thoughts on “11! We’re up to 11!

  1. Happy Birthday sweet Jill! Just wanted to let you know I sponsored a child for the first time last week! I am not sure if it got counted toward the 11, as I did not enter any special codes to show I was part of a group. This is something I have thought about many times, but just felt God tell me it was time during the same week you asked. So Happy Birthday to you, and how nice that I got a gift for myself for your birthday :-). Much love!

    • That’s wonderful, Marla! Did you click through from my blog? If so you were counted. If you just went to Compassion’s site on your own, you wouldn’t have been counted. But either way, you have made my day and you have made your child’s wish come true too! Thank you!

  2. Add our family to the list! I just signed up on the site to sponsor an orphaned girl in Tanzania. Happy early birthday Jill! It was several years ago that I heard you speak in Grand Rapids, but your message remains in my heart.

  3. Happy Birthday Jill! Our family was one that decided to sponsor a child last night for your birthday. You have inspired so many. Please pass on to Jody that her story also inspired us. We stopped worrying that we couldn’t do it but decided that God would provide a way for us to sponsor a child. We are so excited. One of my sons has already started a letter to the boy from Uganda we sponsored. Have a wonderful birthday and thanks for all that you do!