7 Benefits of a Staycation!

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Once we really started to make definite plans, however, we decided to do something different. We decided to take the money we would have used on a hotel or a bed and breakfast and instead use it to explore our own town. We made the decision to do some things we don’t normally do like eat out at nice restaurants and explore places in our town we’d never been before.

We made arrangements for our boys to be with friends and set out to enjoy two days alone. We both loved it!

Here are 7 reasons why we loved our staycation so much:

1) We slept in our own bed. This is honestly where both of us sleep best.

2) We didn’t have any travel.  No lengthy drive time, very little gas needed, and no travel stress.

3) We didn’t have to pack or unpack any suitcases for ourselves. This also reduced stress.

4) We enjoyed ourselves at restaurants. On the rare occasion of eating out, Mark and I almost always share a meal. Instead of using our money for overnight accommodations, we enjoyed our own meals and even ordered an occasional glass of wine…something we would usually never do.

5) I didn’t have to cook for two full days. We ate “brunch” and dinner out both days, so it really felt like a vacation for me!

6) We discovered shops, art galleries, coffee shops, museums, and other places we had never taken the time to explore.

7) Mark only had to take off two days of work since we didn’t have any travel days to accommodate. Since he’s a self-employed carpenter and doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t work, that was a big benefit for us!

Everybody needs a break from the everyday and there’s definitely a need for an occasional getaway. However, if you’re looking for an affordable vacation option for your family or a short getaway for your marriage, keep the concept of a staycation on your radar screen. You just might find you’ll enjoy it just as much as a traditional vacation!

What about you? Have you ever tried a staycation?


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5 thoughts on “7 Benefits of a Staycation!

  1. My husband and I are kind of in the middle of a staycation as we speak. Our kids are spending the week on their grandparents’ farm about four hours away, and my husband took the week off to do some work to our house. This is our one time of the year that we really get time to be together, alone! While we both have some projects to accomplish while our kids are away, we also have time to do things together we normally don’t get to do.

    Like you and Mark, we have been going out to dinner. We even made a (very long) list of places we’d like to dine, with the rule being no places we would take our kids.

    We also recently started biking together as a family, so my husband and I have planned a few early morning bike rides this week (since we can get much farther and also carry on a conversation without going the speed of 4- and 6-year-olds) on some trails we have not yet been, while getting to see parts of our state we have neglected which are practically right in our own backyard.

    If the heat lets up a little here in the evening, we might move a laptop along with a projector to the backyard, with a blanket and some wine, to watch an outdoor movie — our own “drive-in” theater, all to ourselves! (We live in Iowa, and it’s baseball season, so my once-every-summer pick is “Field of Dreams.”)

    The week ends with our 9th wedding anniversary, so we’ve also been spending our time recalling the moments when we met and began dating. We miss our kids tremendously, but also really appreciate the limited time we share together as husband and wife.

  2. Jill,
    I absolutely love this, My hubby and I just did the same thing . Minus one trip to Des Moines, Ia. We spent the most of it at home enjoying our son together which my hubby doesn’t get a lot of time to do with work. But we also had a date night with my folks and no kid. Im learning to really take this moments as a gift since they are so few and far between.

  3. We do a stay-cation each fall with our family. Because we homeschool, we chose the first week that all the traditionally schooled kids are back in school to start our stay-cation. We have a day of parks where we pack lunch and drive to 5-7 parks and play all day long. We have done other things such as attending museums, the zoo, “fancy” restaurants, horse races, visiting various local landmarks, and even just spending a day in jammies with oodles of movies. It’s easy on the budget and really promotes family time. The only obstacle is mentally being on vacation so that I’m not tempted to squeeze in chores!

  4. Last fall was my husband and my 5th anv. we had a romantic room on Lake Hurron reserved. But then a wedding we had to travel to came up quickly so we moved our location of our romantic get away to somewhere close, translated as cheaper. The week we were to leave our alternator died on the car! So we stayed at home with the kids still at a sitters. It was one of the best anniversary’s we’ve ever had! It was comfortable, we got to watch as many of our movies as we wanted with out having to worry about toddlers eyes seeing something they shouldn’t
    Needless to say our time was well spent without damaging our checkbook.

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