A celebration idea…

Last Thursday my friends Becky and Julie took me to a tea room for a belated birthday lunch.  On the table was a plate in a plate holder with “Happy Birthday, Jill,” written on it.  When we asked about it, we found that they use a dry erase marker to write on the plates.

The three of us decided this was a wonderful idea we could all use at home for celebrations!


Dry erase markers can be used to write on windows, mirrors, or plates!  One mom I know writes a note to her hubby on the rearview mirror of his car.  Another mom I know writes scripture on her bathroom mirrors.

What about you?  How do you creatively use dry erase markers?


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15 thoughts on “A celebration idea…

  1. Whenever my son has a line to memorize, such as for his school music program or the church Christmas program, I write it on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. That way he can read it every time he brushes his teeth.

  2. I started using a plate in my kitchen a few years ago. We love it. I write scriptures, sayings, birthday wishes. I have had many people comment on it. It’s also a wonderful gift. I didn’t know you could use dry erase for mirrors. Gonna have to start leaving love notes to my family. 🙂

    Looking forward to Hearts at Home this weekend!! In need of some girlfriend time!

  3. Love the plate idea! We use dry erase markers to leave notes for each other in the bathroom. Our family of four shares one shower, so everyone takes a turn in the morning…it’s a fun way to encourage each other, note prayer requests or for reminders.
    We also have a battery operated clock (round, with a face, not a digital one). We use the markers to set homework time. If it is 4:00, we’ll draw an arrow (in red) on the plastic face beginning at the 12 (using the minute hand as our guide) and ending on tht 4 (4:20). It’s an easy visual so the child knows that he needs to concentrate on his studies for that period of time and then he gets a break (noted with a blue arrow…drawn from the 4 through the 6 (4:20-4:30), followed by the another red arrow from the 6 to the 10 (4:30-4:50), followed by another 10 minute break in blue (the arrow runs from the 10 to the 12). If he needs more time, we just repeat the cycle. Makes it easier on all of us!

  4. When my kids are taking medicine that is only to given every so-many hours, I use a dry erase marker to write on the bathroom mirror what time I last gave it too them. No more trying to remember..”now what time did I give him that medicine”

  5. I do a very similar thing with window markers. I have them left over from decorating the get away car from my best friend’s wedding. I use them to write little love messages or scripture to my husband on the bathroom mirror.

  6. Inspired! Going to find a marker now-My 7 year old is going to LOVE getting a note on her mirror-and my husband will too I bet.

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