Accept Yourself

I don’t mean to brag… but did you know that I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school?

Someone posted this on Facebook and it makes me laugh because earrings really are the only thing from high school I could fit into today!  Well, maybe a winter scarf, too.

But even at my healthiest, I’m not ever going to fit into my clothes from my younger days and you know what? There’s no need to!

I want to be healthy and I want to be comfortable in clothes that are somewhat stylish, but after bearing 4 children and raising 5, and the natural aging process that changes our shape, I’ve decided it’s time to OK with my new waist and hip size. Any increase in my physical measurements comes with an increase in wisdom and experience.

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2 thoughts on “Accept Yourself

  1. I have been trying really hard to let go of my desire to be what I was 15 years ago. Some women can do it effortlessly and some women can do it with working out 4 hours a day. I apparently am one of the women that can’t do it effortlessly and I chose not to give up that much of my day exercising. Healthy eating and being active are what I can do, and what I will do.

    I would say I am about 50/50 yet on accepting the rounder me. Wish I could be further along but it’s where I am.

  2. 50/50 is great place to be. It could be 0/100!

    I think you are further along then 50/50 because you stated that “it’s where I am right now” and that sounds like a 100% great attitude because you’re working in reality!

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