Announcing our 2012 Hearts at Home Featured Speakers!

It may only be halfway through 2011, but Hearts at Home is already planning our 2012 events.  Because you hang out on the blog, we want you to be one of the first to know who’ll be at our 2012 conferences.

Our Keynote Speakers will be Michelle Duggar and Dr. Julianna Slattery.

Michelle is the Michelle Duggar of the TLC show “Nineteen Kids and Counting.”  With nineteen kids, I think she’s probably got some encouragement and wisdom to share with a few thousand moms!

Dr. Julianna Slattery is a family psychologist with Focus on the Family.  She’s been a well-loved workshop speaker at Hearts at Home conferences, but has never been a featured keynote.  Juli’s wisdom mixed with humor will be sure to both encourage and equip you to be the best mom you can be.

A new workshop speaker that will be joining us in 2012 is Marla Cilley.  Don’t know who that is?  Maybe you know her as The Fly Lady!  For the past 12 years, The Fly Lady has been helping moms get and stay organized through her unique online system.

We’re excited about all that we have planned for 2012 and we hope you can join us!

Mark your calendars!  Our 2012 dates are:

  • March 16-17, 2012  ~  National Conference, Normal, IL
  • October 12-13, 2012  ~ Western Conference, Colorado Springs, CO
  • November 9-10, 2012  ~  North Central Conference, Rochester, MN

Of course, we still have 2 conferences left in 2011 so you don’t have to wait a year!

  • October 7-8, 2011  ~  Western Conference, Colorado Springs, CO.  Find info and register HERE!
  • November 4-5, 2011  ~  North Central Conference, Rochester, MN.  Find info and register HERE!

Let me know if you’re planning on hanging out with me at any of these upcoming events!


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20 thoughts on “Announcing our 2012 Hearts at Home Featured Speakers!

  1. Will be at the National Conference in March. Came the last 2 years and wouldn’t miss it. It fills my mommy tank! I was so excited to meet you last year! 😀

  2. So sad. I love Michelle Duggar and Julianna Slattery. I live in Maine and the closest conference is the IL one. Don’t know if I could have afforded it anyway but doesn’t matter. It is 3 weeks before my due date. So no traveling for sure. 🙁

  3. Both of those women are awesome! We just moved back north so it’s easier for me to attend National again. Yea! I’m marking my calendar now! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate my St. Patty’s Day birthday 🙂 Thanks for all you do “Hearts”!! May God continue to bless your ministry!

  4. So excited! Hoping to fly out again, but would LOVE if you started a conference in New England…… 🙂

  5. Awesome! This year was my first year of attending the National conference and I learned SO much and had a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing Mrs. Duggar – I’m sure she has some wonderful wisdom to share with such experience and I’ve been a Flybaby for several years and can’t wait to hear Marla speak in person!!!

  6. I am SO excited! I just finished reading the Duggar’s first book!!

    If you are not already a Go-To-Girl, make sure you sign up to be one for your area so you can get the latest info and promotional material for your church and area!! 🙂 Help us get the word out to other moms who need to be refreshed and encouraged!!

  7. I would llllooooovvvveee to attend this and any of your conferences , but there are not any in my area, please consider nashville tn, we have great venues. 🙂 but i am very interested in the cd’s that you talked about above. Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

    • Tisha, Nashville is only 6 hours from Bloomington, IL where the March 16-17 conference takes place! We have women from Tennessee that come to that conference!

      • Thats great, but 6 hours is to far for me. Can you just please direct me to the conference on the go cd so i can at least purchase that. Thanks for your time

  8. Very Excited. I GOT to miss last year because I had a new baby (after having a stillborn the previous year.) Excited to come back this year!

  9. Are you kidding me??? I am SO EXCITED!!! This just totally made my day! I LOVE Michelle Duggar and could not think of anyone I’d rather see! I read both of her books and LOVED them and watch her show as well. I never thought I’d get to see and hear her live! I absolutely cannot wait. This is awesome; I’m going to tell everyone!! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!!!

  10. Would LOVE to attend in March 2012. I’ve been familiar with Hearts at Home for years, but having only been a mom since 2007 and living in CA for the last 9 years, I didn’t get a chance to go. Now though, I have moved back to Springfield, IL! Am hoping to make this next conference. However, I have my 4th baby due 3/4, so he/she will decide if I get to go! If I can’t swing it, I’ll definitely check out the to go option.

  11. WOW, I’m so excited. I love Michelle Duggar and just got her new book to read. She is an inspiration to me. FlyLady is awesome too. I have been using her site for about 9 years now. When I found out that these two ladies were going to be at Hearts at Home I quickly sent out a big facebook message to all my church group ladies that went last year so they can mark it on their calendars. I already have 7 on board! I’m so excited that I have something to look forward too. See you all in March 🙂

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