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Purchase No More Perfect Marriages by February 13, 2017 to win a chance to be one of FOUR Grand Prize winners for a marriage enrichment weekend with Mark and Jill Savage (including dinner at their home!) and TEN 2nd prize winners who will receive FREE 3 month subscriptions to the new No More Perfect Marriages Date Night site (available May 2017)!

Simply purchase the No More Perfect Marriages book from your favorite online bookseller or local bookstore and enter the information on your purchase below! (You must submit your information below by midnight CST Feb 13, to be entered into the drawing.)

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  5. The 4 Grand prize winners will receive the following valued at $500:
    • Marriage Teaching by Mark and Jill Savage
    • Overnight Hotel Accommodations
    • 3 meals including one meal at the Mark and Jill Savage’s home
  6. Grand prize winners are responsible for travel expense to Bloomington, Illinois for marriage enrichment weekend.
  7. If a grand-prize winner is unable to make the trip to central Illinois on the specified weekend, another winner will be chosen and the original winner will receive the second prize offering.
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    • 3 month complimentary membership at site ($25/month–available May 2017)
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Happy 18th Birthday, Austin!

PicMonkey Collage a18 years ago today, I had the best night’s sleep of my whole pregnancy. It had been hard to be in the last month of pregnancy during the hot month of August so I was grateful for an unexpected night of solid sleep.

I opened my eyes at 6am Sunday morning and knew immediately that I was in labor. How in the world did I sleep through that pain? My contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart!

I told Mark I was going to take a quick shower, but it took longer than I thought because I had to keep stopping and breathing through my contractions.

We dropped the older two kids off at a friend’s house and headed to the hospital. By the time we arrived, I was dilated to 8 and we had our boy within an hour.

Mark, who was pastoring at the time, was even able to make it to church that morning!

After a c-section and two VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean) deliveries that included 14 hours of labor and 6 hours of labor, Mark and I determined this was the way to have a baby!

Six years later we “labored” for 9 months to adopt our fifth. No matter how you add to your family, it’s alot of work to get them here!

How about you? Do you have a fun birth story to share?

Friday’s Quote of the Week

“God has promised to help us, and God always keeps His promises.”

                                                                                                                  ~ Julie Barnhill

Fresh Starts in the New Year

Hello blog world friends!

I thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas break.  All of our kids were home for a full week!  We played games, enjoyed meals, played Kinect (oh my! So much fun!) and spent way too many days in our jammies.  It was perfect!

I also went close to a week without TOUCHING my computer!  It was weird, but very freeing.  I love blogging and catching up on Facebook and Twitter, but anytime something has the propensity to become an idol in our life…it’s good to take a break from it.  I don’t think I was at idol status on the computer, but certainly could be if I don’t step away every once in a while.

Today I want to share with you three exciting things:

1) Tomorrow night (Saturday, January 8) there is a great family movie on FOX TV.  It’s called “Change of Plans.”  I’m particularly excited about this movie because first, I love anything that my family can watch together and second, because it deals with adoption which is something I’m very passionate about.

I know so many of you love contests and they are running two contests along with this movie that you might want to check into:

Contest #1: Watch the movie trailer and then enter a giveaway for a 55″ HD TV.  You can do that HERE!

Contest #2: Essay contest for moms: 300 words on “What has been your most life changing experience and what has it taught you.  The winner of the essay contest could win $500 and Hearts at Home could win $1000 (make sure and put Hearts at Home as your sponsoring organization).  You can find details on that contest HERE!

2) I’m excited about a new book that a friend of mine wrote.  Lysa Terkeurst has a new book out called Made To Crave.  It’s a book that addresses our need to crave God more than food.  She’s offering a free six-week webcast on the subject to launch the new year.

I’m planning on doing the webcast along with the book.   Want to join me?  Find more information HERE.

3) I’m launching my new blog site this weekend!  During the past month, my daughter Anne and I have been doing a website/blog makeover!  We’re moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress and it will offer free downloads, will have a fresh look, and will be easier to navigate!

Nothing should change for you if you receive my blog by email…but you’ll definitely want to hop on over to the new site when it goes live because there will be new resources for you.  I’ll let you know as soon as you can explore it!

Well there you go!  So many fun things happening in the next few days! 

Have a great weekend!

Friday’s Quote of the Week

“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.”

                                                                                               ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Daddy God

Do your children ever lift their arms as if to say, “Mommy, pick me up?” Maybe they crawl up next to you on the couch and lay their heard in your lap, looking for a loving caress. Even if your kids are too old to be picked up (my teenagers would break my back now!), they still may enjoy a snuggle or a hug that connects them to the security of Mom or Dad.

In the same way, God wants us to reach out to Him. When we’re weary, He wants us to stretch out our arms and say, “Pick me up.” When we’re sad, He wants us to snuggle up to His Word and find comfort in it. When we’re feeling lonely, He wants us to feel His arms around us, confirming His presence in our lives.

As you spend time with God this month, call him “Abba Father,” which means “Daddy.” Even though we may be too big to crawl up on our earthly daddy’s lap, we’re never too old to snuggle up to our Heavenly Father, pour out our heart to Him and find a peace that passes all understanding.

Joining you in the journey,

2010 takes us into 2011…Are You Your Spouse’s Publicist?

Last week when when I was reading Thriving Family Magazine, one article title caught my eye: Become Your Spouse’s Publicist.  In the book world, a publicist is one who advertises and promotes books. 

It got me thinking…Do I more often give my husband “bad press” or “good press?”  If I’m honest with myself, there are times that my tendency is to talk negatively about my husband than positively.

This post first appeared in July 2010, but it’s a perfect Marriage Monday to start off the New Year!

Here are 50 things I love about my husband:

1. He is a man who loves God’s truth. 
2. He has a gift talking to people and helping them discover things about themselves. 
3. He loves people and see God’s best in them.
4. He has a tender heart that is sensitive to God’s Spirit.
5. His spiritual gift of discernment never ceases to amaze me!
6. He’s not afraid to change when change is needed.
7. He’s fun!
8. He gives incredible back rubs.
9. He’s a hard worker.
10. He has a servant heart that blesses others in so many ways.
11. He has a gift with fixing things.
12. He is a wonderful father.
13. When the kids were little, he was so good to give them baths and get them to bed so I could have a break. 14. He has helped me raise our children…he is truly a partner.
15. He is predictable…and I love that about him!
16. He takes out the trash without my asking.
17. He is thoughtful.
18. He understands me.
19. He takes pride in the yard and caring for our home. 
20. He is handy with things around the house.
21. He cleans up the vomit while I clean up the kid.
22. He let’s me be me and he is ok with him being him.

23. He goes to musicals with me even though he hates musicals.
24. He reminds me to keep my mileage when I rarely remember to do it myself.
25. He is ok being called “Mr. Jill” at the Hearts at Home conferences.  Not many men would be ok with that.
26.He is so good to repair things around the house quickly.  I don’t even have to ask!
27. He helps out in the kitchen, doing whatever needs to be done. (And he taught me to make incredible chili!)
28. He is committed to our family.
29. He is willing to live with less even when it’s sometimes not fun to do without.
30. He takes time for us.
31. He is an incredible dancer. I love swing dancing with him!
32. He balances the checkbook every month!
33. He helps around the house with almost anything. (I know that dusting is where he draws the line. Hey a man’s got to have his boundaries!)
34. He is a loyal and encouraging friend.
35. He has a cute butt.
36. He is patient with the kids, teaching them to do things the first time.
37. He was so good to wrestle with the kids when they were younger.
38. He is one sexy Papaw!
39. He takes care of our cars so well.
40. He likes to shop way more than I do.
41. He is a wise leader and my best leadership consultant.
42. He has supported me being home with the kids even though it was financially challenging.
43. He handles the Christmas tree lights every year.
44. He helps get all the decorations out every December.
45. He helps put all the decorations away every January!
46. He gives me time away when I need it.
47. He draws me out and help me understand my feelings.
48. He is an excellent listener.
49. He encourages me. He encourages the kids. He encourages everyone he meets!
50. He is my best friend.
Why don’t you take a stab at being your spouse’s publicist today?  Go tell someone the good things about your partner!