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Thank you, Mom!

Someone once asked me what the best advice was that I received from my mom.  I thought about the question a lot and I couldn’t think of specific advice I got from my mom. What I realized is that my … Continue reading

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The Grace Card

Mark: Last weekend Jill and I were spent from the National Hearts at Home conference in Peoria where nearly 4100 moms got their batteries recharged. Jill: It’s a big weekend for our family and the older we get the more … Continue reading

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Did You Know There Are 8 Ways You Can Be Smart?

Dr. Kathy Koch, founder of Celebrate Kids, is a Hearts at Home favorite speaker. We try to have different speakers every year but Dr. Koch is a back-by-popular-demand speaker for sure! (We’re offering walk-in registration for the National conference this weekend … Continue reading

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Staying Together When Your Child’s Choices Threaten To Pull You Apart

Jill: Mark and I spent some time with friends recently. As the parents of several young adult children, they were struggling to make sense of their oldest child’s choices. Substance abuse and crime have landed their girl in prison for quite some … Continue reading

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I Want All The Answers NOW!

I first met Karen Ehman 23 years ago when she had registered for the first ever Hearts at Home conference and I was reviewing some of her registration info on the phone. I covered my questions with her and then … Continue reading

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Depression and Marriage

Mark: January was a rough month for me. My construction business slowed down, winter closed in, and the darkness of depression returned. I felt like God was a million miles away. Jill: I knew Mark was struggling. We talked about … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe in a God Who Lets Innocent People Die

Iraq. Afghanistan. New York. Boston. Kenya. Paris. Brussels.   All beautiful places in this world. All filled with innocent people whose lives were changed in an instant. The question posed by so many people is, “Where is God in all … Continue reading

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Are You A Fountain of Life to Your Kids?

Dr. Todd Cartmell is a speaker at our 2016 Hearts at Home conferences. His newest book 8 Simple Tools For Raising Great Kids, is also one of our newest Hearts at Home resources! Every time I sit in on one … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Fill Your Little One’s Love Tank!

A year ago I spoke at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati (and I’m speaking there again this coming weekend!). While there, I decided to sit in on one workshop that caught my eye. The speaker was Kathy Lee and … Continue reading

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Absolute Surrender

Jill: Yesterday was an odd Easter for us. There were no family pictures, no Easter eggs, no Easter dinner. Not because Easter isn’t important, but simply because of the season of life our family is in. Mark: The kids were either … Continue reading

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What Easter Is All About

“I just can’t believe your skin can stretch like that!” my husband declared one day in my ninth month of pregnancy.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe it either.  I was long past being able to see my feet, my ankles were … Continue reading

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8 Healthy Expectations You Should Have In Marriage

Mark: We’ve shared before about the challenge of expectations in marriage. Unspoken, unrealistic, and unmet expectations are dangerous in any relationship. Jill: However, there are some expectations that can actually be helpful for marriage. These are things that will happen in … Continue reading

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A Change in Vocabulary

Over the past few years Mark and I have worked to change our eating. We now eat very little to no gluten, no refined sugar, and no additives or preservatives as much as possible. My friend and co-worker, Lori, has … Continue reading

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