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The Key to Happy Holidays

Mark: Fall is in the air and that means the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.  Have you talked with your spouse about your plans for the holidays? Jill: It may seem too early to do … Continue reading

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Need to Recalculate?

Mark: “Recalculating,” states the voice on the GPS unit. “Recalculating,” she repeats once again as we find ourselves off course on a trip. It’s a scene most of us are familiar with in some way now that smartphone map apps and … Continue reading

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The Importance of Re-Entry

Jill: This week I’m on the road speaking. While Mark travels with me much of the time, it didn’t work for this trip. So we’re already looking ahead to a re-entry plan. Mark: Military families are schooled on the concept … Continue reading

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Our Kitchen & Bathroom Makeover

It only took ten months, but we finally finished!  Bless Mark’s heart, he would do remodels all day for his Sawhorse Homes business and come home to do our remodel on nights and weekends. It was a labor of love for … Continue reading

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Marriage Is A Labor of Love

Mark: It’s Labor Day. For some of us it’s a day filled with family, friends, and picnic food. For others, it’s a day to work on home projects. And still others are just enjoying that extra day provided in this … Continue reading

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The Lure of Happiness

Jill: I remember the day well. It was about a month after Mark had moved back home. He came home from work, smiled, and said to me, “Do you know what I realized today?” “No, what?” I replied. “I realized … Continue reading

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You’re Still At Home?

I was a stay-at-home mom for over twenty years. In fact, my first book, Professionalizing Motherhood was written specifically for moms at home. It’s still in print and making a difference in the lives of moms at home all over … Continue reading

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Untangle Your Heart

Mark: It was my anger. No, it wasn’t expressed outwardly. I wasn’t raging or blowing my top. Instead the anger was simmering inside of me. I was building a case in my heart against Jill. Everyday I operated as the prosecuting … Continue reading

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Home As a Launching Pad

Dear Mom Who is Letting Go This Fall, Have you shed a few tears? If so, that’s normal. You spend 18 years with them and then they have the nerve to leave. They want to go to college or get … Continue reading

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The Gift of Grace

Jill: Mark loves his coffee. I love Mark but I’m not particularly fond of his coffee. It seems I find coffee rings and coffee splotches everywhere. In the car. On the floor. On the table beside his chair (he takes … Continue reading

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Mom School

It was our second or third Hearts at Home conference when a mom stopped me in the hallway and told me that her kids called Hearts at Home “mom school.” I loved that picture! Think about it: Motherhood is the … Continue reading

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What To Do While You’re Waiting

Today’s post is a guest post from Olivia Ryan. Olivia serves as a volunteer on the Hearts at Home radio team. She’s a Midwest native who lives to inspire women to bear and share hope with the world. Hands down … Continue reading

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Will You Come Out And Play With Me?

Mark: The last 9 months we’ve been working hard both on the book and on our kitchen remodel. We were in desperate need of some down time. Jill: Years ago I remember reading Willard Harley’s book His Needs…Her Needs and … Continue reading

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