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Two New Favorite Clean Eating Recipes!

So I’ve finally begun a serious move toward clean eating. Cancer will do that to you, you know. It also helps that two of my kids have really gotten into clean eating. They did the Whole 30 challenge and got … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Love Your Kid

So what’s bugging you today?  Are you knee deep in school supply lists? Are you looking at the mess in your child’s bedroom and wondering where to even start? Have you already dealt with a spilled drink today….multiple times? Are … Continue reading

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Summer Reading

I seem to read so much more in the summer than any other time of the year. Reading is one way that I take care of me! I’ve read some great books this summer that I would definitely recommend! Biblical Fiction. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“Relationships blossom when sacrifice takes the place of selfishness.”                                                               … Continue reading

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Must Versus Might

Today’s post is a guest post by Kasey Johnson who is the author of the brand new book/Bible study Mom Essentials: 10 Words Successful Mothers Live By. Kasey is also a Hearts at Home blogger and one of her blog hop … Continue reading

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Post-Cancer Nutrition Changes

When I met with my oncologist after my last treatment he told me that I now have three jobs: 1) Exercise Regularly 2) Eat Right 3) Keep my weight down As he explained, lifestyle changes can make a difference in … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”                                                       … Continue reading

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Do You Love The Ordinary Parts of Your Day?

This week I’ve had my grandchildren and at times it feels as if I’ve gotten nothing done! As I surveyed my day yesterday, it was tempting to say that I didn’t get much done. But then I thought again. There … Continue reading

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Parenting in the Early Years: Take Care of Yourself

I remember the day well. I had a newborn, a four-year-old, and a six-year-old. As a stay-at-home mom, I’d been with them all day and I was exhausted. Mark walked in the door from work and I said desperately, “I … Continue reading

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Parenting in the Early Years: Rhythm and Routine

The early years are important years for developing security, self-discipline, and emotional safety.  Routine and structure play important roles in setting those foundational elements in place. When you think about it, life is filled with changes.  Even in a child’s … Continue reading

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