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Fantastic Food: Kohlrabi

Since my breast cancer journey, our family has slowly been changing our eating habits. Cancer has a way of making you think about what you put in your body more intentionally. When I finished my treatment a year ago, my … Continue reading

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Don’t Talk About Frustration In Frustration

Mark says: We’ve all been there. Our spouse does something that frustrates us. We react in frustration and let them know how we feel. Jill says: Because we’re frustrated, we come across very strongly in our communication. Our spouse responds … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Help A Friend In Crisis

My friend Cheri Keaggy released a powerful album three years ago. “So I Can Tell” is the light that has come out of a dark season of Cheri’s life.  The songs are heartfelt expressions of a woman who has come to know … Continue reading

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Are You Settling for a Truce?

Mark says: Jill and I heard a story the other day that ended with this line, “They could have known love but they settled for a truce.” Jill says: The moment we heard it, we both looked at each other … Continue reading

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The Chore Timecard

Pay for chores? Not pay for chores? Ah the debate. Over 30 years of parenting, we’ve been all over the map on this issue.  We’ve done allowance, we’ve done no allowance. We have tied allowance to chores. We’ve separated allowance from … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“God wants Prodigal Parents — not ‘perfect parents': Lavish in love, Extravagant in Truth, Big Spenders of Grace.”                                             … Continue reading

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Do you need a time out?

It’s halfway through the summer…do you need your mom batteries recharged? For the first time ever, Hearts at Home is offering a Summer Sanity Saver Package for moms who need that mid-summer pick-me-up! What’s in the Summer Sanity Saver kit? … Continue reading

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10 Savvy Ways To Save Money

Today’s post is from Hearts at Home speaker Marianne Miller. Marianne is the author of The Gift of Enough: Raising Grateful Kids in a Culture of Excess. Marianne loves to teach about finding financial freedom. I asked her to share … Continue reading

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Resolve One Marriage Conflict at a Time

Mark says: Navigating conflict is one of the hardest parts of marriage. We see situations through different eyes. We hurt one another without realizing it. Jill says: When we try to talk about our hurt, too often we both try to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“If our country is worth dying for in time of war, let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace.”                                 … Continue reading

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Sparkler Safety

Do your kids enjoy using sparklers for the 4th of July?  If you have little ones who are afraid of the sparks, use a paper cup to protect their hand!

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10 Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Jill says: Last Thursday was our 32nd wedding anniversary. (Of course, we both thought it was #33 until we did the math!) If you’ve been hanging around here very long, you know that celebration has been hard won! Mark says: … Continue reading

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10 Summer Activities to Do With Your College Student

Yes, they’re big enough to be on their own. Yet, they’re still home. You know your time having them home is limited. No matter whether they are working, home between college semesters, or just trying to figure out what to … Continue reading

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