Behind the scenes…

Yesterday was our first day of filming the No More Perfect Moms video curriculum. We’re filming them in a variety of places Bloomington-Normal, IL.  Yesterday we filmed several scenes at my house.

I’m very excited to share this with you. The videos will be available online when the book releases February 1.  I hope you’ll gather some friends to go through the book together in February!

Here are some behind-the-scene pics from yesterday:

Video taping from my perspective. Deb and Michele from Moody Publishers and Matt behind the camera are calling the shots!

We had to move a TV off a tall dresser.'s been a while since it's been dusted on the top. #NoMorePerfectHousekeeping

The videographers light is in my bathtub!

This is the set up for the "bathroom mirror" scene in the "no more perfect bodies" video.

This is the set up for the "closet" scene where we talk about "no more perfect bodies.

Filming the "closet scene" in my bedroom with folded laundry covering our bed. #NoMorePerfectLaundry


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5 thoughts on “Behind the scenes…

  1. LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait for the book to come out! My “no more perfect mom” mess up of the week: totally spaced a Cub Scout committee mtg on Sunday night. Our van’s battery died at “trunk or treat” at church and we had to get it jumped. I was able to get a ride home to get our other car and take our kids home while my hubby waited for AAA….remembered about the mtg at 7:30, an hour after it started….and hubby was home by the time I would have needed to leave. I totally forgot. Oh well…apologized, but didn’t beat myself up about it 🙂