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It’s the Third Thursday Blog Hop where once a month you can “hop” around to different mom blogs to find encouragement on the topic of the month.  Today’s topic is “When did you realize that you weren’t on your own in this journey called motherhood?”

I believe I first realized that I needed a mothering community was when we moved to a new town with a two-year-old and a four-year-old.  I lived three hours from extended family, knew very few people in my community, and I honestly felt more equipped to be a music teacher (what I went to college for) than a mother.

After settling into our new church, I invited a few moms to join me for a weekly moms group.  There were 8 of us and we hired one sitter to watch our kids in the basement.

As we read a book together and discussed the chapters, I slowly began to see my need to be with other women who understood what my life was like.  Sometimes they provided answers I needed.  Sometimes they empathized.  Other times they encouraged me through tough seasons.

Now…22 years later, I still need a mothering community–but it looks different than when my kids were younger.  I now find my community in my long-time friendships and at Hearts at Home where I get to hang out with other mothers…many who are in the same season of parenting I’m in.

Every mom needs a mothering community.  Tell us about yours!


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5 thoughts on “Blog Hop: My Mothering Community

  1. Over the years, my motherhood community has dramatically changed. Years ago, my mother friends were those who had little ones the same age and stage, with hours spent walking and pushing strollers or sitting on the floor while the kiddos played. Now that mine are all in school, my mother friendships tend to still be with women in the same stage, but not same age group. The freedom of time allows me to connect with women older and younger than myself, but our common denominator seems to be our roles as moms, wives, and simply women!

    It is a journey. One Im glad I captured in these lessons — — as I still need the daily reminders!

    Thanks for sharing about this today and posing the question!

    By His Grace,

  2. It’s nice to hear that our need for a supportive community doesn’t end just because our kids aren’t in diapers anymore – I just hope that we will continue to be intentional about reaching out to each other and connecting…it only gets harder as the schedules get busier – thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Boy, do I remember when I first became a mom. I knew my mom and sister and that was it. The postpartum depression was horrible, I felt so ill equipped to be a mom. With the next kids (I had twins) I had a moms group that met once a week. I had no postpartum and realized that everything I was going through was completely normal because I was able to share with the other moms. My kids are now 11 and 8 and I encourage all the new moms at our church to get involved with a moms group. It makes such a huge difference going through all the changes when you have other moms with you. Now that my kids are older, we dont meet as often, but I have lots of play dates, which are more for me and the other moms than for the kids.

  4. My NEED for mother friends was especially great after the triplets. Thankful for your blog, which has always been encouraging!

  5. I am the coordinator of our mom’s group. I took it on when I quit working when my oldest son was 12 months old. I am now about to hand the reigns over as my younger son will be 4 this spring and head into MWF preschool (and we meet 1st and 3rd Fridays). Since it seems that we will stop at 2 children, I am moving into a new stage. No longer am I in the diapers and breastfeeding, with no sleep at night stage. I am into the violin lessons, swim lessons, soccer, and school stage. I know that I will both miss having every moment with them, and yet enjoy the freedom to grab a cup of coffee with a friend (and not tote a screaming tot or a diaper bag) or even a 20 minute shower (such an indulgence!). I will need to seek out the wisdom of other mothers on ways to handle school related problems. And honestly, I am not looking forward to the “teen years” at all! 😉 I know that God will get us through and send some great ladies my way to encourage me (including the ladies at Hearts at Home!)

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