Calling All Moms! It’s Webcast Day!

I’m so excited to be a part of a brand new weekly resource for moms that Focus on the Family is launching.  Today is the premiere of the Mom Webcasts that will be available every Wednesday afternoon.  Tuck the kids in for a nap if you are at home or adjust your lunch break at work and join in the discussion today.

Tune in at 11am Pacific Time, Noon Mountain Time, 1pm Central Time, or 2pm Eastern time for some great mom encouragement today.

And the best part is that it’s interactive.  You can ask questions or share comments by phone or through an online post. 

Click HERE to learn more or tune into the live webcast!


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3 thoughts on “Calling All Moms! It’s Webcast Day!

  1. Hey Jill! This sounds great! I'm the founder of, the place where first-time mommies find support, expert advice and simple strategies to make their first year of motherhood the best it can be! It's a FREE online community for brand new mommies! Love what you're doing and looking forward to listening to you!
    Casey, New Mom Coach

  2. Thanks Casey. My daughter is due to have her first baby in about 4 weeks. I'll tell her about your site!

  3. I just wanted to thank you for answering my question about perfect mom guilt on the webcast today. This is an issue that I have really struggled with and that God has been teaching me about. Your answers just made it all "click" and I prayed to God and He is helping me release that guilt. I just feel so much lighter and blessed to be able to let go of the guilt. Thank you for your words of wisdom, they truly touched my heart!

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