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Staying Together When Your Child’s Choices Threaten To Pull You Apart

Jill: Mark and I spent some time with friends recently. As the parents of several young adult children, they were struggling to make sense of their oldest child’s choices. Substance abuse and crime have landed their girl in prison for quite some … Continue reading

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Depression and Marriage

Mark: January was a rough month for me. My construction business slowed down, winter closed in, and the darkness of depression returned. I felt like God was a million miles away. Jill: I knew Mark was struggling. We talked about … Continue reading

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Absolute Surrender

Jill: Yesterday was an odd Easter for us. There were no family pictures, no Easter eggs, no Easter dinner. Not because Easter isn’t important, but simply because of the season of life our family is in. Mark: The kids were either … Continue reading

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8 Healthy Expectations You Should Have In Marriage

Mark: We’ve shared before about the challenge of expectations in marriage. Unspoken, unrealistic, and unmet expectations are dangerous in any relationship. Jill: However, there are some expectations that can actually be helpful for marriage. These are things that will happen in … Continue reading

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Need To Do A New Home Internship?

The marriage relationship is directly affected by the emotional health of each partner. Once we get married, it’s important that we continue to grow emotionally, because it will strengthen our ability to relate to our partner.  Today’s Marriage Monday is … Continue reading

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The Birthday Wish

Jill: Friday was my birthday and it was a perfect birthday! Mark did a wonderful job celebrating it the way I wanted to celebrate it! Mark: It’s only taken me 32 years to figure this one out but I think … Continue reading

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The Myth of “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

It’s happened again.  Yesterday we learned of another family that has been broken up because one person in the marriage says, “I don’t love you anymore.” There’s a common misconception that married couples will always “feel” love for one another. … Continue reading

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Do You Remember?

Today’s Marriage Monday is a guest post from Hearts at Home 2015 conference speaker Arlene Pellicane. Arlene is giving away one copy of her book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. If you want to enter, leave a comment … Continue reading

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Love The One You Have

Mark: When I met Jill I was drawn to her spunk. Her faith. Her no-nonsense attitude. After we got married that turned into black and white thinking and strong opinions. That wasn’t what I signed up for. Jill: When I … Continue reading

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How Are You Investing In Your Marriage?

Mark: Did you know that if you divorce and hire a divorce lawyer you’ll spend $250-$400/hour?  Do you know the average marriage counselor costs about $100/hour and many offer sliding scale fees based upon income? Jill: Why are so many … Continue reading

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Push The Reset Button In Your Marriage

Mark: Jill and I have made many changes over the years to improve our marriage. We’ve both looked at our own contributions to the hurts in our marriage and worked to make the changes we’ve needed to make. Jill: Because … Continue reading

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The Power of Feedback in Your Marriage

Mark says: Performance reviews in the workplace are not usually something most of us look forward to. Even if it helps you improve in your job and provides valuable feedback to help you move up the corporate ladder, most of … Continue reading

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Listening to Really Hear

Mark says: Listening is one of the most important intimacy-building communication gifts God has given couples.  It’s often been said that listening is so important to God that he gave us one mouth and two ears.  He really wants us … Continue reading

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