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The Difference Between a Reward and a Bribe

Today’s post is a favorite of mine from Melissa Kruger!  Oh how I wish I would have understood the difference between a reward and a bribe when my kids were little! Melissa is the author of Walking with God in … Continue reading

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How Much Access Are You Giving Your Kids?

A couple of months ago, my oldest daughter Anne asked if I could take a day to help her get her playroom under control.  She felt like it was always a mess and she could never get the mess under … Continue reading

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A Mom’s Greatest Resource

Today’s post is an excerpt from Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood by Melissa B. Kruger.  It’s a reminder that prayer is truly our greatest resource. A mother of three, Melissa hails from Charlotte, North Carolina where she serves … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Playdough

Now that we have a two-year-old in the house, we’re always looking for fun activities to keep her busy. This edible playdough is a recipe I made for my kids many years ago. It’s easy to make and easy to … Continue reading

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Unleash Your Power To Respect

When I read the book Love and Respect, I was first introduced to the concept of “unconditional respect.”  It wasn’t something I’d ever heard of before. I always thought that respect needed to be earned.  What I’ve come to understand … Continue reading

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Mommy, I Want To Go To The Park With Friends

Two weeks ago, I shared a new workshop I’m preparing for the 2015 Hearts at Home conferences at a local moms group. That day the group’s leader, Sandi, shared a few thoughts of her own on the topic. I loved … Continue reading

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25 Ways To Make Christmas Break a Blast!

The presents are opened, the cookies are eaten, but Christmas break is far from over. Are the natives getting restless in your house? Need some ideas to decrease the stress and increase the fun? Here are 25 ways to make … Continue reading

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How To Bake Cut-Out Cookies With Your Kids

Today I have the privilege of being a part of Karen Ehman’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! I’ve been baking Christmas cookies with my kids for 29 years.  Through many disappointments and trials and errors, I’ve finally learned how to … Continue reading

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Bullied to Better:  Helping Girls Thrive After Being Bullied

Today’s guest post comes to us from Marcy Van Fossen. Marcy is a mom of four who attended the Minnesota Hearts at Home conference in November. She caught me during the conference and shared her passion to help girls who … Continue reading

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Screens and Teens

Dr. Kathy Koch’s new Hearts at Home book is due out in the Spring. This is an important read for parents of all ages and stages of parenting. It may have “teens” in the title, but this will benefit you … Continue reading

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Is Your Child Afraid Of You?

Today’s post is from a mom who attended my No More Perfect Kids workshop this past weekend at the Hearts at Home conference.  There’s no better gift to an author or speaker than a letter from someone who has applied … Continue reading

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Remembering Our Veterans

My Uncle Junior was a very handsome man.  Born Ezra, Jr. Fleener on February 29, 1924, he was called “Junior” from birth.  With a talent in woodworking, his furniture now has a prominent place in the homes of each member … Continue reading

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Give Your Kids The Gift of Enough

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner.  With that in mind, today’s blog post is from Hearts at Home workshop speaker Marianne Miller. A mom of four boys, Marianne will be a workshop speaker at … Continue reading

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