Come join me on today’s Focus on the Family live webcast!

Home sweet home…or is it? With sibling rivalry, kids at different ages and stages, and even conflicts between child and parent, your home may feel anything but sweet. How do you build harmony, keep the peace and instill proper discipline and boundaries all at the same time? Can everyone actually get along?

Today I have the privilege of being a part of Focus on the Family’s Your Family LIVE Webcast.  The topic is dealing with family conflict and sibling rivalry.

You can watch the webcast LIVE today (and every Wednesday) on the Focus on the Family website and starting this week on the Hearts at Home website!  Simply click on one of those two links–they’ll both take you to a place where you can watch the webcast!

You can watch live at these times today and every Wednesday:

2-3pm ET
1-2pm CT
12-1 MT
11-12 PT

You can also watch archived shows on the Focus on the Family website anytime!

If you join the discussion today while the show is live, you can call in questions at 888-465-6595.


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