A Day In The Life of a Mother

HAH logo 4 approvalMy friend and admin assistant, Mel, was supposed to be in a Hearts at Home meeting with me and a couple of other leaders this past Tuesday morning.  Monday night around 10 p.m., I received the following email:

I was literally talking with Doug about my meetings tomorrow when Noah walked out of his room covered in throw-up.  In my 10 second assessment of him I wondered how it all ended up ON him….and then I entered his room.  I will not go into details but I will say that today was regular laundry day and I did 5 loads.  I think I have about 7 more to do now  (I always thought those big drawers under the bed were a great idea. I have changed my philosophy on those now.)

I am pretty if we measured the force that helped to erupt this mess, it could have launched the space shuttle.  (But I think the shuttle would have left my carpet cleaner.  And I am convinced that whoever went around the Bloomington-Normal, IL, area installing off-white carpet everywhere is in league with Satan himself!)

But the silver lining is that luckily he was not up on the top bunk in his brother’s room where he has been the last 2 nights or that he didn’t do this while we were on the trampoline or swinging double together many times earlier today.  (However that would have been less laundry…..)

So needless to say, I will not be in tomorrow and if any of you have a carpet cleaner I can borrow let me know.  (And pray that is doesn’t spread.  That would be a fabulous way to start summer….)

Mel’s got a great sense of humor and the ability to tell a story and make you laugh. I asked her if I could share her story on the blog and she agreed.

Why would I share it?

First, to bring a smile to your face…you just have to laugh about those things and she tells it in a way to make you do that.  Most of us have been in Mel’s shoes at one time or another.

And second, because if you’re having one of those days, you need to know you’re not alone.

Sometimes that’s all we need to know.

What about you? Do you have a “real mom” story to share?  You can share your story here

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2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of a Mother

  1. OH man, that was hilarious – but totally get the irony as well. Those are the things as moms we can laugh at later, but in the midst it is not always easy!! Praying that everyone is clean and well at her house now! 🙂

  2. She really does have a sense of humor!!! Tell her that either 1. She needs a blog or 2. Write a book 🙂

    Hope her family is well!!!