Family Matters Day 1: Matt and Anne

Since we talk about family a lot on this blog, I thought I’d use this week to give you an update on the members of my family.  I’d also love for you to introduce me to your family!

Some of you have been hanging around Hearts at Home for most of the 19 years it’s existed.  My oldest daughter was 8 when Hearts at Home started. Six years ago she married her husband, Matt, and is now a mom of two. My sweet grandkids are Rilyn, age 2, and Landon, 4 months.

Anne has a blog…but she hasn’t blogged much since Rilyn was born. She’s a stay-at-home mom with a part-time job at their church. Matt is a Family Life Pastor at North Point Christian Church in Winthrop Harbor, IL.  They live about three hours from our home in Central Illinois.


Since we’re all about being real here on this blog, I thought you’d enjoy this picture Anne posted on Facebook. She captioned it, “It’s been a rough day.” I’m betting there are some of you who can relate!

Anne’s my oldest. Now I want to hear about your oldest child!  (If you are reading this in email, you can leave a comment here. Simply click and then scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on ‘comments’ to share!)


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75 thoughts on “Family Matters Day 1: Matt and Anne

  1. My oldest is Cate. She is 5 and beginning her second week of kindergarten. She’s into details, long stories, playing with her dolls, making crafty things and wanting to know what’s happening next. She’s adopted but she’s so much like me!

  2. Hi Jill, my Emily was very young when I attended my first H at H conf. As a matter of fact, she once accompanied me on a road trip to attend a conference and on the way back home we listened to a workshop tape by you and Anne. She is now 26 and has her masters in counseling. She also has a full-time job…yay! I pray that she finds her way back to Christ and the faith she was raised with. Am claiming God’s promise.

    • I love that story about listening to the tape that Anne and I did! I just prayed for Emily, Diane. I prayed that she would find her way back to Christ. We saw that happen with our Erica. I’m praying that for your Emily.

  3. My oldest is Noah. He is 7 and beginning his 2nd week of 2nd grade. He is a smart, sensitive boy who is into wanting to know WHY things happens, what is happening next, and the details of EVERYTHING. 🙂 I always wondered what the expression “a bull in a china shop” meant, and can now fully understand it after having a boy. 😉 He is a sweet kid who loves maps, basketball, riding bikes with mom, and listening to Christian music. I can’t believe he is 7 already!

  4. My eldest…Daniel. He is 17. He is currently attending school full-time in his senior year, has 2 part-time jobs and his own business he started last winter. He never stops and he makes his Dad & I more and more proud every day. The thing that is the most amazing is that he does all this and fights anxiety in everything. He’s the child that we look at and say that we could not have done any of this alone – it’s all God.

    • That’s so neat to hear, Kimi. Our youngest fights anxiety alot. Thank you for sharing that, it encouraged me!

  5. Hi Jill! Good to get to know your family! My oldest is my daughter Madison. She was 4 years old when I attended my first Hearts at Home conference. She is now 12 and is growing up to be a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. She loves God with all of her heart and isn’t afraid to stand up for her convictions, especially her love of christian music. I’ve watched her get discriminated against due to her strong morals and as a mother, it’s been hard to watch. But, amazingly enough, she doesn’t let this get her down. I stand truly amazed at her strength because I wasn’t that strong when I was her age. My prayer is that she will continue to trust in God for approval and not let the disapproval of her peers bring her down.

    • It’s hard to watch our kids take hits for standing strong. God will use that strength in Madison in huge ways!

  6. Hi Jill- So enjoy your blog! :~) My oldest is Logan. He’s a whole minute older than his younger sister! :~) He (they) will be two in less than two weeks! He speaks clearly and knows most of his ABC’s, can almost count to 10, and just loves to learn. He loves tractors and going to the farm.

  7. Drake is 2. He loves to play cars, tractors, ball, outside, go on bike rides and hang with daddy. He loves his sister but is still working on being gentle.

  8. Hi Jill,
    My girl is the oldest and is 9 years old. She has just started the 4th grade and is a spirit of sunshine in our life! She is a great teacher to her 4 younger brothers (although they do not always think so!). Each child in our family is so special & unique! I so enjoy reading about your family…because in many ways you have helped me navigate through different times in my family life! Thank you and may God always bless your family! Have a happy Day! -Jill, Plainfield, IL.

  9. Hello, Jill. My oldest and only child, Michael, is 23 and is just now finishing up his first six months of training as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. I could not be more proud of his determination, discipline and love for his country. He will soon be a pilot for the Marines and I am just praying that God will not make him a helecopter pilot! :-} I know in my heart that God is in control and He will do with Michael what He will. But, as you can imagine, it is difficult for a mom on one child to let that child go into a career that will put his life in danger almost every day.

    My precious son has been a daredevil since he was tiny. At three he would jump down into my arms from six steps up on the staircase — always trusting that I would let nothing harmful happen. He grew up to be strong in body and spirit. When he set his mind on a goal, he took the steps to make it happen.

    There are no girlfriends at the moment, though Michael wants to find the right girl sooner rather than later. I continue to pray, as I have all of his life, that God will place His chosen wife for my son in his path and that Michel and she will recognize that they are designed for each other. My son is blessed to grow up in a home where both parents were there for him and each other his whole life. That is, sadly, not something everyone can say these days. I’m so very thankful for the stability God has granted our family and I believe that makes our son much more confident as he moves into his life apart from us. Without the Lord, all of our lives would have turned out much different.

      • Jan, (and Jill 😉 ),
        My oldest is 17 and has been leaning toward joining the marines for almost a year. I would love to hear and communicate with a mom whose son has joined the marines. I think it would be a good choice for him, as he really needs structure and regiment to function well. But, there are of course, those deep down fears as well, if he were to be in battle. I would love to hear more of your story.

        • Lisa and Jan,

          Author and speaker Julie Barnhill ( also has a son in the Marines. She has spoken about the experience several times at our Hearts at Home conferences!

  10. My oldest daughter is Alison. She will be 23 soon and loves the Lord with all her heart. As her parents, we are very proud of the beautiful young woman that she is and is becoming. She is going through an amazing time and a rough time at the same time. She is in a committed relationship with a wonderful Christian guy from a great family. However, she is undergoing therapy for anxiety right now. We thank God that this is treatable but ask that you please pray for healing, strength and courage because we know that satan will take advantage of her weakness right now, especially in trying to shake her faith in God.

    • Christine, I prayed for Alison today. Several of my kids have dealt with anxiety. I know what it feels like as a mom.

      • Thank you so much Jill. I know we have an awesome God who hears our prayers.

        We have relatives who also experience this, so I guess it is genetic. It is difficult to watch your young adult go through these things and learn to stand back and not step in to help solve the problems.

        • Just in case no one has checked this – have a thyroid screening…just a simple blood test to check the TSH- (should NoT be at the top of “acceptable” for many people) and the T4(should not be at the bottom of “acceptable”…) I went at least 9 yrs w/low thyroid, where my levels were barely “acceptable” and we didn’t catch the low thyroid because the symptoms were So Vague. One of my biggest problems was anxiety. I realized this summer since my levels have been restored/maintained by a very low daily dose of synthetic thyroid, that I am no longer anxious. Many other subtle symptoms are also gone, like the one fingernail that split all those years and the racing thoughts at bedtime.

          I really think since this is a simple blood test that everyone’s children should have it done if they feel “normal” just so they have a baseline of what normal is for them, because we are all different. It is so simple to check the thyroid w/simple blood test, but too often it is ignored or mis-diagnosed because of the individual’s vague symptoms or lack of more common symptoms, i.e. weight gain/loss, digestion too fast/slow. If anyone wants the rest of my vague symptoms list or more of my story, I am at (Community Bible Study -not- TV 🙂

  11. My oldest, Rob, is 14. I sent him off to his first day of high school today. I put a smile on my face, but my heart was breaking. He’s the oldest of 5…#4 has autism and today was his first day of school, too. Rob & the two siblings between these two have had to grow up fast, help out & accept that their life is not like that of their friends, but they do it with love in their hearts for that little guy God blessed us with. I’m so proud of Rob (and all of them, of course). Praying for him as he takes this next step and looking forward to some quiet time with him tonight to hear all about it!

  12. My oldest is Brayden- he just turned three! He will be starting preschool 2 days a week here soon, and I just don’t know HOW time went THAT fast! 🙂

  13. I have three daughters. I am a stay home, homeschooling mom. My oldest Katelyn is 8 going on about 38. She is very mature, and so much like my husband. She’s got a great sense of humor just like her daddy and that is what attracted me to him….but I did NOT sign up for TWO of him. 🙂 I love them both and it makes me happy to see them interacting and understanding each other so well. I also have Audrey who is a lot like me. She’s so kind and friendly, running up to strangers in stores and hugging them, it scares me a bit. Granted she USUALLY chooses well WHO to hug but still… My daily struggle is how do I teach “stranger danger” without ruining her love for other people? Then I have my little Anna. Such a joy. She holds her own at 4 with 2 big sisters though. I am thankful for your ministry that affirms what a high calling motherhood is. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

  14. My oldest, Ben, just started 7th grade. I became a stay at home when he was born. He does drive me crazy, which I figured out was due to the fact that he is me. I watch how he acts in middle school and I realize, I was the same way. He looks like me and acts like me. I have high expectations of him because of who I am now, which I have to keep reminding myself that he is 12 and I’m 45. I can’t expect him to mature so quickly when it took me years to do so! :o) Poor kid!! We do have a lot of fun together as a family as we have 8 year old boy/girl twins. I love being a stay at home mom, which was our plan since we started talking marriage. I volunteer as the children’s directory at my church which does cut into my mom time sometimes, but the kids love being part of our church. Thanks for all you do Jill and for all the encouragement!

  15. My oldest will be 18 and graduating this year. You know I get real sentimental every year efor ach one of my children on their first day of school but more for him this year. Not only because he will be closing one chapter of his life but because he will be starting a new one. We always remind him to put God first. We are blessed to have him in our lives. He sings and plays the bass guitar at church, he is also the VP of the youth group and we pray that he continues to follow Lord throughout his adult life.

    • Mary, I also have one that’s a senior this year. It is definitely a bittersweet season of life.

  16. My oldest is Isaac…he’s a 6 year old starting 1st grade in two days. He’s amazing and loves to socialize with anyone and everyone. He’s going through the “know it all” stage so it’s tons of fun. Lol I am a teacher but have been blessed enough to stay at home with all 4 of my kids….Isaac being the oldest has stepped up to be a great big brother and a wonderful helper. I feel bad for Anne on her bad day…I have had many of those and they are hard to get through. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything!!

  17. My oldest is Adelina “Ady” and she’s 4. She is an amazing big sister to her 3 younger sisters. She’s such a big helper. She loves to help hold the youngest and offer to change her diapers. As well as clean some around the house. She loves MOPS and Sunday School. She loves having us read Bible stories to her and she will repeat them to her little sisters. She also tells them about God and how he lives in heaven and your heart and when you are scared when it’s dark you pray to God and He’ll be right there with you. I’m so blessed that I can be a stay at home mom to her and her sisters.

  18. My oldest is Caleb. He is 16 and a Junior – wow!!! We are in the midst of trying to schedule college visits – it’s hard to believe he will graduate in two years!!!! He is a young man seeking God’s desire for his life. He wants to go into missions – he went to Mexico on mission trips when he was 5, 6, and 7, and has been to Uganda 3 times. Africa is where is heart for missions lies. We are praying he will continue to seek God in everything he does – especially in these last two year of H.S. – and that he will be a witness to those around him!

  19. My oldest is Colton and he is just beginning 10th grade. It truly seems as if we were just coming home with this 10 pound baby just yesterday and thinking, “why did the nurses let us take him? We’ve got NO idea what we’re doing!” It is such a joy to watch him grow as it is his younger brothers. He is every bit of what characterizes most first borns…he is organized, very orderly, tends to take the lead, and is bossy…and his younger brothers remind him of that often. He is our “prototype” and every time I send him out to something new I feel as though my heart has left with him. One of my favorite quotes, and I can never remember the author, is “the decision to have a child is momentous, it is to forever have your heart walking around outside your body.” That is the best description of how I feel each time Colton does something new in life. I love that he is in high school and growing and experiencing new things in life. I worry that he will be safe and make good choices. I pray (and should consistently more than I do) for him, for his future spouse, for wisdom, and for his continuing growing relationship with his Savior.

    • I love your thoughts when you brought him home from the hospital! I think most of us felt that way!

  20. My Oldest baby is 26 yrs old, wow time flies, and is equally comfortable working on pit crews at the race track or wearing 4″ heals. She is amazingly creative and can’t pass a dog with out petting it. She has been through tough times some by her own choices and some not. My prayer for her is that she puts loving God first herself second and that God will show his choice for a sole mate for her.
    She is also a seasoned Hearts volunteer in the past.

  21. My oldest is Isaiah and he is 9. He just started 4th grade today and was very excited about going back to school. He loves to read (I can’t keep enough books in the house for him) and math (takes after his daddy in that one). He is a terrific big brother to his 3 younger brothers. It has always been so sweet to see him with his brothers. Our next youngest is 2 years younger and Isaiah always made sure to help him know where to go at school, take him his backpack when he would leave it outside, and would take the time to play with him in the times when their recesses would overlap.

  22. Hi Jill~
    My oldest daughter is Emma, she is 11 and just started middle school last Wednesday! It’s hard to believe I have a middle schooler, seems like we just brought her home from the hospital! She is shy and it has been such a blessing to see her come out of that shell this last week and make new friends!

    • Middle school years can be hard, but they are also precious too because they are part grown-up and part child.

  23. My oldest, Nathan, is nine years old and in the fourth grade this year. He is very bright, constantly reading, and learning. He is at a small private school where they are willing to help him achieve all he is capable of…he started attending math w grade above his last year, and continues to do so this year. He is very energetic and active in sports at school (though not extremely talented athletically, he struggles to fit in w his peers). He too struggles w anxiety, as well as social skills–testing indicated asperger and ADHD/ADD tendencies but no official diagnosis at this time. My husband I are extremely proud of who he is becoming, and continue to seek out experiences and therapy to help him develop into the amazing young man God created him to be.

  24. Hi Jill, My oldest is Uriah, age 13. He is the biggest blessing to his dad & I! He switched from football to cross country last year and doesn’t care that he gets teased about not playing a “real” sport. He is so smart, caring, sensitive and compassionate! We are part of the United Church of Christ and one Friday night he just sat down and wrote an essay about “Is God Still Speaking” (the UCC theme)! He read it in church the following weekend and everyone was amazed that he wrote it.
    It was nice to “meet” Anne and thank you for letting me love on my boy! 🙂

  25. Hi! My oldest is a 3 1/2 year old boy named Ethan. He is so fun at this age. He is really into superheroes and knights. His favorite activity is to act out bible stories. This blesses my heart to see him already love the bible! The other day he told my husband that when he grew up he wanted to be a Knight on God’s team. 🙂 Ethan has a lot of energy, but also loves to read and draw. We are officially starting homeschool preschool this week!

    • Krystal, I love that Ethan wants to be a Knight on God’s team! I hope you wrote that one down!

  26. My oldest is Micaiah. She is 11 years old and starts the 6th grade tomorrow. She loves sports, especially basketball, loves her goats and dogs, and loves to read. Micaiah is obsessed with The Hunger Games and read the trilogy 4 times this Summer! She is a huge help around the house and our farm. Most of all, KK as we like to call her, is an Amazing big sister!!

  27. My oldest, Evelyn, will turn 5 in a few weeks and start her Kindergarten year with me shortly thereafter. She is sassy, silly, and witty all rolled into one. She became a big sister of triplets and holds her own very well…acting like the perfect mama to them all, except when they are touching her stuff. Her theme this year is obedience. Recently our conversations revolve around heaven. And when asked why she was so interested her response was “because I am so excited to meet Jesus!” She amazes us all the time and she takes my breath away with her childlike faith and trust in Jesus and God.

  28. I started following your blog about 3 1/2 years ago when my husband and I made the decisions for me to be a stay at home mom and wife for GOOD this time. Our oldest is a daughter, Eliza. She is 8 years old and just about to begin 3rd grade. She is a great reader and just started reading American Girl books this summer. She also loves Little House on the Prairie. She is very much her own person and doesn’t worry about fitting in with the crowd. She is strong willed and hard to parent, but I am hoping and praying her strong will and unwillingness to give in and follow others will serve her well as she grows up. She has a tender heart and has been helping me and my sister care for my 90 year old grandmother (her great-grandmother) who is in hospice care this summer.

  29. Robert is my oldest of 2 boys. He was born with a club foot and today we were shoe shopping. And even though he does have a wide foot, I was so blessed that he is fully able to use both of his feet and that the Dr’s in Peoria,Il did a great job fixing his feet when he was little. 11 1/2 years later, he is always busy and on his feet. He has a special connection with the Lord and I am thankful for him daily! People here is PA don’t even know that he had a problem 🙂

  30. Jill,

    It is good to hear about your Anne’s latest chapter in her life. Thank you for sharing it. I have also enjoyed reading the comments from so many of the young mothers. They are good reminders for me because Nikki, my oldest, and husband Sam are expecting there first child… And very soon! I am so enjoying this chapter in life!

    Love to you and your family,

  31. Hi Jill,
    Our Karis is an amazing, artsy and very independent girl. She’ll be 11 next week and I am so proud of the young lady she’s becoming. She’s not one to engage in the “girl drama” and her best friends are 3 boys who were redistricted to her elementary school last year (4th grade). I call them “Karis’ Three Amigos”. Karis is very confident about who she is and what she believes, and we are fortunate that our best efforts (AND GOD’S GRACE) have made her a phenomenal girl! Karis has been struggling with some anger issues and finding the healthy ways to express disappointment and frustration. This year, we’ve selected a scripture to pray over each of our girls every day. For Karis, God led us to I Timothy 4:12 and we’re studying Romans 12 as a family. I pray that God will continue to grow her into the woman he has for her to be!!
    Thanks for sharing about your family!

  32. My son Jarrett is our oldest. He is 10. We adopted him as an infant and have been so thrilled that God has blessed us with him. He is a very strong willed child but also very fun. He loves theater, reading, science & dinosaurs. We are starting our 2nd year of homeschooling with him and will be doing mostly 5th grade level work.

  33. I’m a day behind here, but my oldest is Jordan. She turned 5 years old on July 26th. Today is her first day of Kindergarten. Yesterday I took her to Kindergarten Preview where we delivered her supplies, met her teacher and saw her classroom. She was so excited and then when we got there she clammed up into her shy self. I’ve been praying for this morning as again she was so very excited to ride the bus the first time, take her first lunch (and btw, I just discovered I somehow left her little baggie of carrot sticks OUT of her bag… she has a little container of ranch and nothing to dip in it… UGH, so much for trying to make things perfect for her today). And God has blessed me with such good mommy friends. I had one local friend who has a 4th grader and 9th grader who texted me first thing this morning after we got our kids off to school. And I had a friend who I left behind in CA when we moved 2 years ago who texted me a little bit ago. (She has an almost 6 yr old, a 4 year old and a 1 year old). Both mommy friends were simply checking up on me to make sure MY first day of Kindergarten was going ok. So thankful for them. And I’m so proud of my big girl. I was able to hold back tears until I journaled a bit ago in a journal that my mom actually only ever journaled once in… on my first day of Kindergarten. I’ve journaled off and on in it thru Jordan’s life. But for sure wanted to get this day in there. Now I’m just trying to keep busy with my other kids and chores until I can sweep Jordan up in a hug when she gets home. : )

  34. My oldest child is Nate (7yr). He is an exceptionally bright child. He has been reading chapter books for the last two years. Just this summer Nate read the first two Harry Potter books and is now halfway through the Narnia series. He also loves to play Legos. He is always coming up with cool things that he is going to do, or movies that he’s going to make “when I grow up”. He is a great big brother to our other two children (both special needs). He loves them unconditionally. Seeing the way Nate loves his siblings inspires me. I love that kid! You can read about Nate here:

  35. My oldest is Isaac who is almost 20. He is creative, musically gifted (saxophone player who taught himself to play piano, guitar, drums and guitar). Right now he is Chicago area at boot camp for the Navy. He will finish in 2 1/2 weeks and then head to California for more training to be a seabee (construction batallion). He is over 6 feet tall and has(excuse me had) gorgeous dark hair. He can always make me laugh even when I don’t want to laugh. He has drifted on his faith journey and praying for the people that God will continue to put in his path.

  36. Well Jill you met my oldest when she was about a month old, 22 years ago when I first started attending Mom to Mom! She’s been a challenge growing up, and I often wondered WWJD (what would Jill do?) when situations arose. Well she just had our first grandbaby, Elizabeth, who is 6 months old now, and let me tell you, having a baby changed her life! She has turned a 180 and now cares what I think! I am so proud of her as she deals with the mistakes of her past, and vows to be the best mom ever. I think she’s better than I was!

  37. Hi, Jill! Our oldest is Joseph, and he is 13 years old. I wrote about him getting stuck in a LEGO table when he was 3 years old and that story is in your book “I’m Glad I’m a Mom”. Joseph has been homeschooling since Kindergarten and I can hardly believe he is in 8th grade this fall. What a ride it has been! Joseph is such a blessing to our family. He loves music and computers and he plays the drums with his dad in the worship team (and anywhere else he can!). He has such a big heart and it has always been my prayer that the Lord will keep his heart tender. God certainly knew exactly what we needed when He blessed us with Joey. There are definitely challenges as we face the teen years (love “Got Teens?” by the way!), but what a reminder to parent from our knees. Even with the tough times, the moments of deep conversation are so special to me. I can’t imagine my life without him. :o)

  38. My oldest child is 17! Meghan is a senior this year and it is becoming more real to me that she will be venturing out into the real world very soon. I only pray that I have given her the tools she needs. It is really setting in for her as well. She tells me that she is terrified of being on her own…but I’ve noticed that she is really starting to “feel her oats” a bit. Being my most strong willed child I do worry about her. But I just continue to pray for her journey into adulthood.

  39. Our oldest child is our son, Carter. Carter is 11 (almost 12) and just started Middle School. Eeeeek! Carter is a typical first-born. He is very driven to succeed in school and in sports and gives his best at whatever he does. He is very social and has lots of friends. He goes to our church’s middle school youth group and enjoys it a lot. He is a strong-willed boy who loves to challenge us, but we trust that this trait will serve him well in life. He has really matured a lot in the last several months and is usually willing to help out at home. Carter says that he is willing to play almost any sport at any college. He would love to play at a Big 10 school, especially the University of Illinois. Please pray for him in his new adventures at Middle School this year. 🙂

  40. My oldest is our love-bug and the verse picked out before she was born is Ps. 119:73-74. She is persistent, passionate, and detailed-oriented. She would like to be a doctor and perhaps learn a foreign language. There are many ways she can serve others with these heart desires! She loves horses and a year ago, her dreams came true when two horses came to stay in her life. Many life lessons are being learned taking care of her horses’ needs. I love to talk with her and hear her laugh. I love to tell her a funny joke I heard or a corny one and her her say, “Moooooom!” I love to see her bake and enjoyed my birthday cake she and her sister made for me. I love this girl so much!

  41. Logan is my oldest. He is 5 years old and it seems like only yesterday I was giving birth to him in Germany. He is in Kindergarten, we are homeschooling, so I am proud Mama & Teacher! 🙂 He is sweet and for the most part kind. It amazes me how different his is from his little brother. He is helpful and wants to please people. Logan loves soccer and is starting his 2nd year. He is just a big joy to me! I cannot imagine not having him in my life. It’s been so much fun watching him grow!

  42. Jessalla Dawn came to us 6+ years ago, just 3 months before our 2nd wedding annv. and Matthew going over sea. Even with 7 month of just me, her heart is her daddy’s. She wants to know why for everthing, and still does to this day. We call her our little Elephant, beacuse she never for gets! She is full of life, and has the biggest heart for any one I know.

  43. My oldest is Bryson. He’s 20 years old and just left to go to college. Bryse has been my prodigal child that has pushed every limit we’ve ever set. He moved out of my home and went to live with his Dad 2 years ago. It broke my heart, but the turmoil he was causing in our house was too much and the best decision.
    Bryse still struggles with addiction and my prayer is that he’ll decided his future is worth it while at college and give it 100%.
    Prayers for Bryse are greatly appreciated and I know God has a plan for him.

  44. A little behind on days, trying to catch up!!

    My oldest, Kaitlin, is 12 and my only girl. I couldn’t wait to be a mom growing up, and she was the first of our 4! I have found that compared to her brothers she is emotionally exausting- instead of physicallly. She can make me crazy with one little roll of her eyeballs! I have also found that she is a little too much like me….I seem to find all the things i don’t like in myself, and try to ‘fix’ them out of her! This is something I am working on, and Hearts at Home has taught me more on being a mom than I thought possible!!! I love that she loves sports and enjoys her travel softball team, basketball, and she is trying out for volleyball as I write this! I love that I have a girl to watch girly movies with, and giggle with. I am so thankful for her, and rely on God to shape me into the mom I need to be for her!

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