First Ever Facebook Book Study: My Heart’s at Home

I’m so excited to be offering my first-ever Facebook book study!  From July 6-August 6 we’ll be discussing my book, My Heart’s at Home: Becoming the Intentional Mom Your Family Needs.

If you want to be inspired to be your best, I invite you to join the study!

Simply pick up the book off your bookshelf if you already own it, or pick it up online and get ready for a great discussion with me and other great moms.  The study will feature special guests, some giveaways, and a few surprises!

You can find the book online here:

Hearts at Home Heart Shoppe

In honor of announcing this opportunity, I’m giving away one copy of the book today!  To be entered in the random drawing, tell me one way you are an intentional mom. I’ll announce the winner of today’s giveaway on a special post on Saturday.

If you’re on Facebook, you can sign up for the Facebook study HERE.  Just “Like” the page!


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49 thoughts on “First Ever Facebook Book Study: My Heart’s at Home

  1. I think am an intentional mom because I take my role as protector very seriously. It is my job (along with my husband) to very carefully filter the things in the lives of my little people, and we weigh this as a big responsibility. I make no excuses about saying no to things or doing things differently than ‘so and so’ because of the values we have and the things we believe!

  2. One way that I try to be intentional is leaving notes in my kids lunch occasionally. I want them to know that I set aside time out of my busy morning to think about them and talk to them through my note. I sometimes put comic strips that I think they will like in there or print off a funny joke from the internet. My niece who goes to school with my children loved the notes that the kids would share at lunch so I started leaving an extra note just for her. She sure looked forward to it.

  3. I just love being mom. I was born to be a mom. I to take my role as a mom very seriously. I am very careful with she is friends with and always trying to pour good things into my kids. I have been trying to make every moment a teachable moment whether were in the garden, swinging on swings or grocery shopping etc. I feel so honored to be a mom and i don’t take it lightly.

    God Bless and have a wonderful day!

  4. I am desiring to be an intentional mom, but do different things off and on. When my children were younger, we would start the day with a group Bible time, learning a verse for the week, a hymn, and praying for the day. We are very conscious of what the kids watch, selective in the things they bring home from the library, careful of where they go, and who they go with.

  5. I think the most intentional thing I am doing is trying to remember that I am raising my son to be a husband and father.

  6. I am an intentional mom by truly loving my kids. There is no one else out there who is going to love them like me and I make sure that they have a loving and welcoming home to live in and to bring their friends to.

  7. I have to work outside the home right now and it is hard! I try to be intentional about our time together. Olivia is only two right now, but I feel like we are laying the foundation for her as she grows!

  8. I am intentional as a Mom by learning who your kids are, knowing when to push a little (encourage) and knowing when to leave it until they are ready. For example, when my youngest two children were not comfortable being left in the 2’s and 3’s room at church, I stayed with them until they were comfortable (or they came upstairs with us). Going to church should be a positive environment and I didn’t want them to have fear associated with church. To be honest, it was frustrating at times (my daughter has just passed that stage), but our kids grow so quickly that these seasons are really not much in the grand scheme of life. I can say this because my kids are ages 21, 7 and 4 so I know how quickly time passes. Another example I can give you is how our oldest daughter never learned to ride a bike as a child. We tried various methods, different places and even had other people help, but she was fearful and so we decided it wasn’t a life or death issue. Well, last summer I got a new bike (I hadn’t ridden a bike for 30 years) and she learned to ride at the age of 20, with our encouragement (it helped that she was interested in a certain someone who loves biking 🙂 ).

  9. I’ve finally decided to trust God and rest in this thing. I’ve got 4 kids 8,4,2&1 as I had each child I never really stopped to take stock of how much time and effort goes in to mothering. The kids kept coming and I’d just add all that came with them to my plate and kept moving forward. This year something shifted in my thinking and I could see my husband and kids as priority over everything else. I’m enjoying the people closest to me now and am no longer giving them the scraps of me that were left over from everything else. I consider opportunities that come my way more carefully, if it doesn’t build my family or fit into our schedule I pass and I tell myself that this is just for a season and this is my only chance to mother these kids and to do it well. I

  10. I would say that I am intentional in our decision to homeschool. We try to reach their hearts and not just fill their heads with knowledge. Our goal is to weave a Biblical perspective into each subject they study and in our every-day-life. I need to be more intentional about relying on the Lord for strength and wisdom each and every day!

  11. I am intentional mom by how we do summer around here. I dream and pray about goals for each child over the course of the summer and then lay out activities, books, verses to memorize and discussions etc. that help us reach those goals. This summer I am specifically focusing on our family not being the “enemy” and what God says about how we treat each other.

  12. Being able to stay home this year with our almost 10 month old girl twins has been a blessing and dream come true! I try to be intentional each and every day by teaching Ani and Ketevan how to communicate through baby sign language. It’s been a treat to see them sign ‘milk’ or ‘more’ and know they’re able to communicate effectively with us and one another. I also make sure a love of reading and music is instilled in our girls. We read lots of stories throughout the day, listen to children’s music, and I play familiar tunes on my recorder and tin whistle that they now hum along to! I’m very thankful for this time I get to spend with our girls since next year I return to my other passion of teaching 3rd graders in an international school!

  13. I’m intentional by the values I’m installing in my 2 girls (ages 10 & 5). I work outside the home so anytime we have together is enjoyed. My girls know they can come to me about anything and if I don’t have an immediate answer, we’ll pray about it or look it up and talk about it. Everything is so different from when I was a child; realizing that we live in a different era blows my mind sometimes. Teaching my girls the things they’ll need for life is definitely a challenge but I wouldn’t change my roll as a mom for anything in this world!

  14. I am intentional by making sure my girls know what it is to pray (in thanksgiving for family, friends, food, shelter, etc., for protection from monsters and bad dreams, and for those we know who are ill or hurting) and learn Bible memory verses.

  15. I am intentional about being home with my kids. I want to be the one who reads them bible stories, tucks them into their beds for naps, kisses their boo boos, instills them with good behaviors and manners and so much more. I want to be the one to tell them all day long how special they are and how much they are loved by their parents and God. I love being a mom!

  16. I’m intentional in always trying to help my kids use good judgment to make decisions on their own.

  17. We are intentionally teaching our children that faith comes first and about loving our neighbor. We also really strive to teach them and model that it is important to find balance in everything.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  18. I am intentional about being home with my kids. I want to be the one who reads them bible stories, tucks them into their beds for naps, kisses their boo boos, instills them with good behavior and manners and so much more. I want to be the one to tell them all day long how special they are and how much they are loved by their parents and God. I love being a mom!

  19. I am an intentional mom because I put my children first before all I do. I include them in my work at the church, praying together, taking care of the house, loving them, showing patience, playing, teaching, learning.

  20. I am intentional mom by waking up early to read my Bible and pray before my kids wake up. It starts the day off on the right foot. It has also lead me to be more intentional about a Bible Study time with my kids. They love it!

  21. I am intentional about teaching my kids everything they don’t teach in public school. We talk about finances. I teach them how to cook and fold their own laundry. I also teach them that God is always present in their lives.

  22. I try to read to our kids from our toddler’s devotional and a corresponding story from their toddler Bible each day. It’s a great way to teach them God’s Word!

  23. I am an intentional mom by choosing to be home as much as possible when my kids are at home. With all the choices out there of meetings, clubs, activities, etc. I make sure there are no more than 2 nights out a week.

  24. This is one of your books I don’t have and look forward to your book study this summer.

    This summer I am trying to be an intentional Mom by doing activities with my son that are fun and beneficial/educational to him. I don’t want him to be so busy that he is gone every day signed up for some camp or program; the days home are wonderful and he likes to help with chores too. We are reading Charlotte’s Web together. When I was in college I made a unit box for that book and now we are reading it together and doing some of the activities. It is fun for me to share things I love with him.

    Also, I want him to feel loved and valued every day, whatever kind of day we’ve had. I’ve started leaving him notes in his bathroom or writing one on his mirror with dry erase marker.

  25. I am intentional with mealtimes. We eat dinner together as a family most nights and try to focus on catching up during that time with no TV or other electronic devices. We try to focus on sharing the highlights of our day and save discussions of problem areas for other times.

  26. I think I have always been an intentional Mom by making sure my child (and now her hubby and son) know that I am always their #1 cheerleader and supporter!

    Being a parent is a great privilege and joy!

  27. I am an intentional mom by trying to encourage my children as much as possible. I also try daily to read proverbs together with my children and encourage them to spend time in the word each day. I also try to be at each activity that my children are involved in.

  28. I’m an intentional mom in that I pray for my children regularly. I have scripture I pray for them and I’m learning to pray about the character, habits, and truths I want to see evidenced in their lives…. I’m also intentional about sharing how important my walk with God time in His Word… so that they will know He is a priority as well as my family… But oh, I have so much growing to do as a Mom, as a follower of Christ, as the Mom/woman God wants me to be!! I need help in the journey!

  29. Attending Moms In Touch prayer meeting regularly to learn to pray and to pray for my children. Teaching my 2 year old to pray anytime of the day.

  30. I am intentional by loving their dad, working on our marriage and remembering each moment is part of a brief season so I take the time to play a game, read a story, pitch A LOT of baseballs. Separating the urgent from the important helps me stay focused.

  31. This book is a must read! In our house it inspired a poster of the topics listed in it to remind us what we’re trying to create here in our home for our kids.

  32. I have a 1 1/2 year old little girl and 2 1/2 year old little boy who LOVE music, so I play upbeat kids music that is pure scripture, like Seeds and Scripture Rock or other great songs from albums like Twirl and Worship. I can’t tell you how much I love hearing their little voices singing Bible verses with so much enthusiasm!

    In a culture that is saturated with entertainment I want to be super intentional about providing well produced media that points them towards their creator.

  33. I believe I’m an intentional mom because I work to order my kids’ day with not only play and things to help them learn, but it is all shaped around the Lord as our Creator and Savior. Well, okay, not “all”, but that is the goal!

  34. When I find my life getting entirely too busy with Life and my children fall to the wayside, I force myself to stop and spend time with them. Face to face time that shows them how much I love and value them:)

    faithonfyre at yahoo dot com

  35. i suppose i have gotten more intentional as of late, for we are becoming a homeschooling family after 5 years in the public system! say a prayer for me;)

  36. I am an intentional mom because I have to set the morals and work ethic and everything else alone. I make sure that I myself am making good moral choices because unfortunately, their father hasn’t. I make sure that I am teaching them age-appropriate responsibilities as well. I may come across as mean mom because it’s not all fun and games at home but they will eventually realize and thank me for it.

  37. I need to work more at being an intentional mom. One way I have tried to be more intentional is taking time to play a game with my boys. This is area I want to work on this summer.

  38. I try to be available and interested in my children. I make sure to tell them I love them everyday. I make sure they “feel” loved, everyday. I always kiss them before I go to bed. Sometimes this is my chance to exhale and “remember” my love for them after a long day of sibling arguing and fussing.

  39. I am trying to be an intentional, newly born-again Christian, mom and the only Christian parent in the home by learning and growing in His word so that I can pass this onto my 4 young girls and instill in them the wonderful values that Bible shows us.

  40. It isn’t about me, it is about them. Love, guide, nurture, reassure, encourage, redirect, and do it all over again tomorrow.

  41. I have been home with my kids a year in July. This has been a very hard transition for me. I am intentional by keeping me and the kids on a schedule. I have found that everyone is happier and more productive this way. I am really looking forward to this book study!

  42. I first want to start by stating, I feel I could be more intentional as a mother. I see my kids growing up so fast that I don’t want to regret later not taking more time with them. Therefore, I am trying to be more intentional about our schedules and not overbooking ourselves so we do have down time.
    I also am intentional about feeding my children healthy food and teaching them healthy eating habits. I also make sure we eat dinner as a family and use that time to connect from the day.
    Lastly, I have been praying more aloud instead of to myself so they see that you can pray for anyone at anytime, and it matters.

  43. I chose to be an intentional mom many years before I had kids of my own. I provided Child Care for working mothers for 13 years prior to having kids of my own and chose to be a SAHM after the kids were born. We Homeschool them with the intention of training them in a godly way by the examples that we show them.

  44. I try to be intentional as a mom by being involved in their lives and being there for them. My boys are very strong-willed so I try to be intentional about being calm and molding that strong will into one that is honoring to God. Not an easy thing! 🙂

  45. Well this is a little embarrassing, but today I found myself being an intentional mom because I found myself running into the street without looking to catch my 2 y.o. daughter. Everyone was safe and there was no cars, but geez scare of my life! I look forward to doing the study My Hearts at home!

  46. I am an intentional mom by practicing my “Yes Mom” skills this summer! I am trying to really stop and think before I blurt out “NO! Are you crazy!?!!?” With 7 children under 12, I am finding all kinds of ways to keep busy this summer! I just don’t want to miss out on the small things! SOOO… tonight, when the kids mentioned how cool it would be to go night swimming at Grandma’s house at 8:30 pm, I said… “YESSS! That would be cool! Let’s go!” Needless to say, they didn’t get in bed until hours past their bedtime, but it was fun and memorable!

  47. Life is different as the kids have gotten older and are doing things on their own. I intentionally want them to know that I still love them regardless. I intentionally encourage them to pursue God for He has all the answers. I intentionally love their dad for I know how important he is in their lives.

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