Friday’s Quote of the Week

“A real mom:loves her kids in spite of all their stickiness, makes mistakes, and knows she is loved and accepted by a very real God.”

~Jenn Doucette


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2 Responses to Friday’s Quote of the Week

  1. amy green says:

    hi jill

    having trouble getting to your home page. it comes up and then immediately clicks to this page and wont let me get back to all the other great resources on your home page. i have had trouble since the hearts at home conference. just wondering why i cant get to it. hoping its just a glitch that will go away. can you help me? praying for you and love what you and hearts is about. have a great weekend.amy

    • JillSavage says:


      Have you tried another web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Sometimes Internet Explorer and WordPress Blogs don’t get along real well. 🙂