Friday’s Quote of the Week

“Clarify your expectations before you hold your children responsible for meeting them.”

~Julie Ann Barnhill


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Quote of the Week

  1. Wow! This hits me hard…

    So often I am ready to pour out the consequence on something I think my children should know. Although, you think sticking a half eaten sucker in my purse would be an obvious one…for my 12 Year Old! She said she didn’t want the other girl to feel bad that she did not have one. How can I argue with that? 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder!

    And may you find joy in every MOMent!



  2. So simple, and yet so difficult to do. I might add that this is true with husbands as well. My poor hubby…I’m so fickle with ever-changing moods. How is he to know what it is that I want/expect when I seldom know myself. I’ll keep praying on this one!

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