Friday’s Quote of the Week

“Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy’s heart instead of her tummy.”


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2 Responses to Friday’s Quote of the Week

  1. Julie Heller says:

    My oldest is my ten year old son who is such an awesome kid. He us growing up so fast that sometimes it makes me cry. I love just having him around to run errands and i pray for the man he will become. It’s very scary trying to raise a young man in today’s world and i pray for him to stay close to the Lord.

  2. Christen says:

    My Natalie will be 12 next month. She brings me so much joy and has turned out to be such an amazing kid. We had a rough start – she wouldn’t nurse then had issues with formula, had colic for 8 months and then moved on to constant ear infections for the next year. To say I was exhausted as a new mom is an understatement. She was also very strong willed – many days I felt that I wasn’t cut out for this job that God gave me in mothering her. But slowly we worked through her issues, she finally slept through the night around 18 months and I began to “get her.” I settled down as a mom and gained confidence enough to add two more children to our brood. Today Natalie is kind, compassionate, smart, athletic and friendly. She is a daughter to be proud of and I am so thankful that God blessed us with her!