Friday’s Quote of the Week

“Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy’s heart instead of her tummy.”


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Quote of the Week

  1. My oldest is my ten year old son who is such an awesome kid. He us growing up so fast that sometimes it makes me cry. I love just having him around to run errands and i pray for the man he will become. It’s very scary trying to raise a young man in today’s world and i pray for him to stay close to the Lord.

  2. My Natalie will be 12 next month. She brings me so much joy and has turned out to be such an amazing kid. We had a rough start – she wouldn’t nurse then had issues with formula, had colic for 8 months and then moved on to constant ear infections for the next year. To say I was exhausted as a new mom is an understatement. She was also very strong willed – many days I felt that I wasn’t cut out for this job that God gave me in mothering her. But slowly we worked through her issues, she finally slept through the night around 18 months and I began to “get her.” I settled down as a mom and gained confidence enough to add two more children to our brood. Today Natalie is kind, compassionate, smart, athletic and friendly. She is a daughter to be proud of and I am so thankful that God blessed us with her!

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