Friday’s Quote of the Week

quoteoftheweekimage“You don’t forgive someone merely for their sake; you do it for your sake so you can be free….Forgiveness is agreeing to live with the consequences of another person’s sin.   You’re going to live with those consequences whether you want to or not; your only choice is whether you will do so in the bitterness of unforgiveness or the freedom of forgiveness…Forgiveness deals with your pain, not another’s behavior.”

—Neil T. Anderson


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One thought on “Friday’s Quote of the Week

  1. Jill, thank you for this today! I have been dealing with some stuff between my husband and I for a while now and I just need this reminder to forgive him! It still hurts but maybe the pain will go away! thank you for always knowing what to say when we need it the most! please pray for my husband and I! we are going through a rough patch right now! I know I want to fight but I don’t know where he is at, I keep getting mix messages from him and that makes the whole thing harder, but I know with prayer anything is possible! thank you so much