From God’s Heart to You…

My friend Becky recently introduced me to a new devotional.  Honestly, I’m not too much of a “devotional” person.  I tend to like to let God lead and be a bit more spontaneous in my Bible reading.  But I am LOVING this new devotional!

It’s called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. What I love about it is that each day is written as if Jesus Himself were speaking directly to you.

Today I want to share with you a recent daily devotion that spoke so profoundly to me. May these words bring life to your heart:

Seek to live in My love, which covers a multitude of sins: both yours and others’. Wear My Love like a cloak of Light, covering you from head to toe.  Have no fear, for perfect Love decimates fear.  Look at other people through lenses of Love; see them from My perspective.  This is how you walk in the Light, and it pleases Me.

I want My Body of believers to be radiant with the Light of My Presence.  How I grieve when pockets of darkness increasingly dim the Love-Light.  Return to Me, your First Love!  Gaze at Me in the splendor of holiness, and My Love will once again envelop you in Light.

(I Peter 4:8; I John 4:18; Revelation 2:4)

Aren’t those words powerful?

What about you?  How has God been speaking to you lately?  What is He impressing on your heart?  Do you have a devotional that speaks to your heart?


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7 thoughts on “From God’s Heart to You…

  1. My husband bought me Jesus Calling as a stocking stuffer a few years ago. Along with it, he gave me Dear Jesus by her as well. They are very inspirational!

    • What I love most is how it personalizes scripture. You have a very thoughtful hubby, Tristi.

  2. I have purchased this and it is on my PC but I have yet to begin this devotional. Sarah Young wrote one for children as well and my kids love it. They read it each morning during breakfast. I try to bring up the topic of the day later on in the afternoon to remind them of what they learned earlier.

    a latte of blessings & giggles!

    • Jeanie, I’m aware of the children’s devo, but I haven’t seen it. That’s neat how you’re using it with your kids!

  3. This is also my devotional. It was given to me by a friend when I was in a troubled time. It was helpful then and continues to be now. God is good. I have given this devotional to all three of my daughters – the older ones have copies like mine and the 10 year old has the childrens version. All love it. I have also given this to about a dozen other women who say they love it as well. The author has written other devotionals similar to this one but I keep cycling through this one. Works for me!

  4. A very close friend of mine gave this devotional to me recently. I am pretty bad at sticking with a devotional and/or a quite time so this is really great for me. Every day I read I feel like Jesus is actually talking directly to me and what is on my heart that day. One day I read it out loud to my husband. He was amazed too that it was exactly where I was at that day! He said that he thought every person’s book must be different because mine was so specific! Haha! On another day I was having a difficult time and was crying while I was supposed to be sleeping (I had to work nights that day). I remembered that I had not read Jesus Calling for a few days. I picked up the book and it was like Jesus had taken my face in His hands and spoke directly to my soul. I was laughing and crying! Another devotional book that I like is “Streams in the Desert” by L.B. Cowman.

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