Happy 18th Birthday, Austin!

PicMonkey Collage a18 years ago today, I had the best night’s sleep of my whole pregnancy. It had been hard to be in the last month of pregnancy during the hot month of August so I was grateful for an unexpected night of solid sleep.

I opened my eyes at 6am Sunday morning and knew immediately that I was in labor. How in the world did I sleep through that pain? My contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart!

I told Mark I was going to take a quick shower, but it took longer than I thought because I had to keep stopping and breathing through my contractions.

We dropped the older two kids off at a friend’s house and headed to the hospital. By the time we arrived, I was dilated to 8 and we had our boy within an hour.

Mark, who was pastoring at the time, was even able to make it to church that morning!

After a c-section and two VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean) deliveries that included 14 hours of labor and 6 hours of labor, Mark and I determined this was the way to have a baby!

Six years later we “labored” for 9 months to adopt our fifth. No matter how you add to your family, it’s alot of work to get them here!

How about you? Do you have a fun birth story to share?


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3 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday, Austin!

  1. Oh wow! I’d say that was the way to have a baby! We had twins, c-section. They were both breech so they weren’t coming out the natural way. I was in the hospital for about a week before they were actually born. My numbers were all over the board. The first day I went (for an appointment only, I thought), I was checked in and the doctor-on-duty (not mine) decided in a haste that I needed to be put in the back of an ambulance and rushed to a bigger city to have them delivered immediately.

    My husband and I freaked out a bit (this was our first pregnancy so we really had no idea what was happening). We asked them to call my doctor and speak with her. They did, thankfully, and she told them to leave me there and she’d be in to check on me.

    I ended up staying at that hospital and just stayed there until my doctor said it was time to deliver. I was glad they waited, though I had no idea how long they would wait. Our twins were born on September 2, 2010 (AKA 90210). 😉 This date also happens to be 6 months exactly from the date my dad was born so their half-birthday is his birthday. It’s pretty special to me because my dad passed away serving in the war a bit over 4 months before the twins were born. He knew we were having twins and was so excited to meet them. So for them to share a special day with him though they’ve never met….. 🙂

    So a week from today….the little tykes will be 4! Amazing! And ever so grateful for them both! 🙂

  2. On May 5 of this year, I delivered our 2nd child, a daughter, in our minivan! We live about 50 miles from the hospital, but I guess we didn’t leave quite soon enough. We were literally a mile away at a stoplight when she was born. She cried a little so I knew she was breathing, and my husband just kept driving because we figured we’d make it to the hospital ourselves more quickly than waiting for an ambulance. My husband remained calm on the exterior through it all, for which I am very grateful, but I think inside he was freaking out. 🙂 We’re thankful this happened with our 2nd child and not our first because our first had a congenital defect which automatically gave him a 50/50 survival rate. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU and had surgery and 2.5 weeks old. His delivery was quite normal. We’re thanking the Lord for our healthy children!