Happy Birthday to Me…and 14 Kids Who Have Sponsors Now!

PicMonkey Bday CollageI’ve had a wonderful birthday week!

My family threw a birthday party for me on Sunday.

I had hoped to go somewhere warm for my 50th birthday, but my chemo schedule wouldn’t allow it.  So they brought the beach to me…complete with drinks that had little umbrellas in them!

Then yesterday, the wonderful people I get to do ministry with at Hearts at Home had a retro party for me.  When I arrived at the Hearts at Home office, there was a sign on the door that said, “Welcome to 1964!” When I walked in I saw peace signs, headbands, and even a record player that played 45’s!  So much fun!


I want to thank those of you who participated in My 50th Birthday Wish.  While we didn’t get to 50 kids like I had hoped, I got to hear so many wonderful stories about the kids so many of you already sponsor, and there are 14 kids who were sponsored in the past two weeks; they’re lives have been changed forever and I am so grateful!

My 50th Birthday WishIf you wanted to participate but just couldn’t now, you can always come back to these posts on www.JillSavage.org and click on the 50th birthday picture to find a child that desperately needs you!

One more thing….today is chemo day for me. Would you pray that they’d find the right nausea meds for me in the coming week?  The week after chemo has been pretty hard and they’re trying to get my meds right to reduce the nausea.  Thanks so much!


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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me…and 14 Kids Who Have Sponsors Now!

  1. Jill, I hope you have a happy and healthy year ahead. I am sorry that you were not able to get 50 new children sponsored, but thanks to hearing about Compassion at HAH several years ago, we are committed to this ministry. Thank you! We started sponsoring one child several years ago as a result of one of the presentations at the HAH Conference. I too made a similar “deal” with God that I would sponsor one girl if she met my “requirements”! Through God’s provision, we are now able to sponsor 4 children, each of them close in age to our 4 and attending a program in the Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia. I just received a letter this week from one of the girls, age 11, who said that, Lord willing, she will be baptized soon. What a joy! Thank you for all you do, and I am looking forward to HAH next week! Hope you are feeling better by then.

  2. Hi Jill…You don’t know me. I’m a librarian in Wilmington, NC. I follow Tricia Goyer on Fb and saw a posting with a link to your photo shoot and I was moved to learn more. My hubby is from Mattoon, IL and we’ve spent a lot of time in that area. I am 52 and I have also been BALD from chemo (for leukemia & a bone marrow transplant in 1998). I remember my mother (and nurses) trying to give me these knit hats that volunteers made for the patients and I always refused them–I never wore a wig and rarely wore hats. My mom said it “upset” people to see a bald woman. I said, “Too bad.” I didn’t like the hats! I wish my bald head had been as attractive as yours. I have almost a stripe down the center of my pate–like a skunk! I also have my own Hickman port stories–including the fun they had trying to get it out.
    I’ll follow your story and send positive thoughts your way. I just wanted you to know that your story has reached across the country and touched me.

    • Catherine, it’s nice to “meet” you! You are a kindred spirit! Your “skunk” look is funny….for a while I described mine as the geographic look–my head looked like a globe with bald spots mixed with stubble. I finally took a razor and just shaved it completely down so it really was fully bald. It made me more comfortable going bald. I do have a wig and once I got a wig liner I found it feels just like a hat. So sometimes I do the wig thing, sometimes the beanie thing to keep my head warm!, and sometimes just the bald thing. I’m more comfortable with it than I thought I would be!

      • I know some women who just could not do the whole “bald in public” thing. And that’s OK. Everyone is different. I was surprised that when it started to grow back in and I was at kind of the Marine buzz cut phase–I got LOTS of compliments on it. Of course, I chalked it up to the hair, plus the fact that my skin was flawless (from the chemo), and I had lost 40+ pounds. LOL. BUT, those things were fleeting–my hair is still fine & mousy brown (I hoped it would grow back different somehow); my skin is flawed; and I’ve put the weight back on+. PLUS my eyebrows have grown back as wimpy things.
        Keep thinking positive and Be Well, Jill.