Third Thursday Blog Hop: How are you like/different than your mother?

Today is our Third Thursday Blog Hop! The question of the day is two-fold: How are you like your mother? How are you different than your mother?

I’m like my mother in several ways:

  • We both have the gift of hospitality and we enjoy having people in our home. (I’m sure I learned that from her!)
  • We both know how to sew. (I learned that from her, too!)
  • We both love being a mom.
  • We both enjoy being with our family (in fact, next week our family will be in the Wisconsin Dells with my sister’s family and my parents to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year!)
  • We are both hard-workers.
  • Our faith is important to both of us.
  • We’ve both been married a long time (50 years for mom and dad; 28 years for Mark and I)
  • We both wore the same wedding dress! (As did my daughter, Erica!)

Patsy Chambers Fleener 1961

Jill Fleener Savage 1983

Erica Savage Gilliam 2009

I am different from my mother in several ways:

  • My mom likes to sew…she’s an incredible seamstress.  I know how to sew, but I don’t enjoy it like she does.
  • My mom loves coconut and I can’t stand it.
  • My mom loves nuts in baked goods and I think that’s a good way to ruin a brownie.
  • I know how to play the piano and while my mom doesn’t play the piano, she was always present at my recitals.
  • My mom lives in Indiana and I live in Illinois.

How about you?  How are you like your mother?  How are you  different than your mother?

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3 thoughts on “Third Thursday Blog Hop: How are you like/different than your mother?

  1. Like my Mom:

    -read The Hiding Place, Joni, and Dorrie, Preparing for Adolescence with my daughters
    -have my kids help clean the house and other chores
    -creative use of things–when without try to make do
    -going to church on Sunday
    -Wednesday night church activities, Mom always had a carload
    -Keys for Kids at breakfast time together
    -we both probably would prefer to eat out 😀

    Not Like Mom:
    -I am a writer, she enjoyed teaching preschool
    -I enjoy puppets, she made a puppet for me
    -I am more people-oriented and she is definitely task-oriented
    -she is more detailed and likes order and detests messes, I like creativity, trying different things, and am more lenient on what is defined as a “mess.”
    -I love my kids and their special talents without trying to make them be what I want them to be–my mom and I butted heads alot unnecessarily leaving me to feel that there was something wrong with me–As an adult, I’ve learned to be thankful for the way God made each of us and be accountable to God–not Mom’s ideas.

  2. Love those wedding pictures~ can’t wait for those days! (But right now, I’ll just be thrilled to get my strong-willed girl out of diapers!) =)

    • Mandy, I promise you your little girl will not walk down the aisle in diapers! Keep that in mind as you are potty-training!

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