I Want All The Answers NOW!

I first met Karen Ehman 23 years ago when she had registered for the first ever Hearts at Home conference and I was reviewing some of her registration info on the phone. I covered my questions with her and then suddenly she gasped. You see she was pregnant, due any day, and as we were talking her water broke! We bonded as moms in that moment!

Back then Karen and I were moms who understood each other’s world. Now we’re both moms who are navigating the world of young adult children. We’re also both authors and speakers who want nothing more than to help other moms know they’re not alone. 

Karen’s newest book Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet With Jesus is one I’ve wanted to share with you! Co-authored by Ruth Schwenk, it’s an pressingpauseeasy to read devotional designed for busy moms who know they need to slow down each day to spend some time with Jesus but don’t know how to find that time. That’s me sister and I’m guessing that might be you too!

I asked Karen for a sneak peek of the book and she sent today’s post to share with you! And not only that but she’s giving away three copies of the book to three lucky readers today! Wahoo!   To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment about why you would like this book or sharing one way you “press pause” to spend time with God.

PS…Karen will be at our 2016 Hearts at Home conferences. Registration is now open for our North Central Conference (Rochester, MN) and our new Southern Conference (Chattanooga, TN).  And you can still get in on the fun at the National Hearts at Home conference next weekend in Peoria, IL!


karenThen they believed his promises and sang his praise. But they soon forgot what he had done and did not wait for his plan to unfold.
                                                                                  —Psalm 106:12–13 NIV

My son Mitchell was a curious child. When he first learned to talk, he often repeated the same three phrases to me: “Why?” “How?” and “When?”

His sparkly green eyes were wide with wonder. As I cooked, he would drag a kitchen chair over to the stove and stand on it next to me. His inquiring mind needed to know the reason behind every ingredient I tossed in the pot. Why was I using brown eggs and not white ones? Why was I adding potatoes but not carrots? And speaking of carrots, why were they orange and not blue?

As Mitchell grew older, the questions continued. Soon after his feet hit the floor each morning, he wanted to know how the day would unfold. Were we going to the church picnic? What would we have to eat? Would the kids play football? Would they let him be the quarterback?

I couldn’t possibly answer all his questions. All I could do was remind him that, no matter what happened, everything always turned out fine in the end. He just needed to trust that we had planned pleasant things for him to do.

I didn’t want to squelch Mitchell’s inquisitive spirit, but sometimes I wished he’d just relax and enjoy the ride instead of always having to know in advance all the details of each day.

When it comes to my own life, I’m no different than my son. I want God to tell me what’s going to happen next, explain how my life will unfold each day.

The ancient Israelites had a similar mind-set. Sometimes they trusted the Lord and stood on His promises. But often they wobbled and lost their footing. They had to know how. And when. And—most importantly—why?

Psalm 106:12–13 tells us, “Then they believed his promises and sang his praise. But they soon forgot what he had done and did not wait for his plan to unfold.”

Scripture teaches us to believe the promises of God. He knows what He is doing, even if at times we’re not sure that He does. And yes, God is faithful, even during the times when He seems to be silent.

When God does not give us explanations at each turn, it builds our faith as we must learn to trust even when we cannot see. We can go to Him in prayer asking Him to calm our anxious hearts. We can ask Him to increase our faith so we aren’t consumed by the questions and so we can trust that He—the ever-wise Parent—has good in mind for us.

It is God’s job to unfold our future. It is our job to do our best to make wise choices as we trust and glorify Him through the process. Let’s stop asking Him to spiritually skywrite all the answers, and let’s write His promises on our hearts instead.

And then? Let’s live like we believe them.

  • Do you also struggle with wanting God to continually answer “Why?” “How?” and “When?”
  • In which area of your life do you most long for His answers?

Dear Lord, help me each day not to seek explanations but to seek a closer walk with You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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43 thoughts on “I Want All The Answers NOW!

  1. Honestly, I have been unable to find the time to spend with God lately. I became a mother 8 months ago and still struggle to find a rhythm everyday. I recently purchased this book for a friend, who is expecting next month, in hopes that this would help her to not let life get too busy that her time with God takes a backseat in her new motherhood (like I have). I would love to have another copy for myself 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. With 2 teen sons heavily involved in school sports, travel teams and music, this book would be a blessing to me to help me find small moments of time to spend with Jesus!

  3. I would LOVE to give Karen’s book to my good friend “Mary” who has endured much family pain yet clung to God’s faithfulness through it all. She is the mom of 5 teenage boys in a blended family with a new baby girl. She is a brilliant business woman and artist who found success and blessing in a great career just before a surprise pregnancy! She knows she needs to hit pause now and then but is struggling to find a way.

    And Jill, this post hits me right on the mark. My ladies’ group has been talking about this very thing the last several months. Thankful that you share with us.

  4. I have 5 sons and reading your post, made me think, “Yes, I need to pause and focus on Jesus and not stress out about how they are going to make it in this world.” I am seeing all that I have not taught them and how ill equipped they are. BUT Jesus knows. I want to trust that He has them and they will follow Him.
    I’d appreciate your book and do pray that His will be done for whom ever really benefits from it………….Many thanks, and Praises to Him that God is blessing you and yours.

  5. I’d love to know how to press pause! Between nursing a 7 month old, potty training her older sister, 27 months old, and keeping both girls fed, bathed, and alive, my body is exhausted and my mind always racing with the seemingly endless list of tasks. I know I need to press pause and take time to thank God for my blessings. 🙂

  6. Each week during Lent I met with a Small Faith Group to discuss readings from “The Little Black Book” that our church supplied. The readings were short and thoughtful and our group enjoyed taking an hour out of our busy days each week to discuss our faith and think about Jesus’ presence in our lives. Since Lent has ended, I have wanted to continue our small group faith discussions, but wasn’t sure what book or readings to use as guidance. Reading your book’s devotional today, it seemed like the perfect fit for a group like ours. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. I just want to say Thank You!!!! You always seem to get my attention when I need it the most. Your absolutely right, I need to stop and pay attention in spending time with Jesus and my kids not the house work and stressing out on things don’t really matter in the long run. Thank you so much.!

  8. I would love to receive a copy of this. I love to read and I’m also looking for new ways to stop and pause to spend more time with Jesus. I’m a homeschooling mom, so many times it’s hard to find a quiet time during the day to be still and quiet before the Lord.

  9. I am a mom of two. I have been attending H@H conferences for years now. I have established a local mom’s group to fill the need of ministering to moms in our community. I would like to share Karen’s book with the other moms in the group. We are not alone in this journey of motherhood. Thank you Jill, Karen, and the H@H organization for blessing and equipping so many of us to help love and support other moms in our communities.

  10. I would love a copy of this book! I am a mom of two beautiful girls ages 3 and 10 months. Needless to say my life is busy. To add to this I am also a teacher. My time to “pause” is bed time. I put my girls down and get some quiet time. This book would be a wonderful tool in optimizing the time I do get and making sure it is quality time. God Bless

  11. I am in a few different stages of life, you may say, I have a grown daughter out on her own and 2 younger children entering Middle School. I could use a good book to get me back with God and remembering what I need in life to keep me going as a mother, wife, and daughter. The last year has been one of my most difficult years and I am trying to get back on track with God. This book would be a great start for me in my new journey ahead.

  12. As a Titus woman/mentor and now unemployed, I long to be better equipped w a tool to help me be that help to the “mom who needs to pause, pray”
    Thank you.
    Happy spring

  13. Next month will be year anniversary of me being able to leave my job and be a stay at home mom. I am so happy and feel blessed that I was given this opportunity. I would like to read this book to help me learn to slow down and listen to Jesus more and more everyday.

  14. As a homeschooling mom, it’s hard to find quiet time during the day to be still and quiet before the Lord. I would love to read this book and see how I can pause throughout my day and take time for some alone time with God.

  15. As a mom to 4 kids–two in school, two not–I feel like my pause doesn’t come until after kids are in bed. Ugh!! I need more pauses in my life

  16. Would love this book! I love book that are written in small segments as I am disabled and do not drive so I always have a book or my kindle with me. because I have to wait for rides a lot. Love the small segments because then I don’t have to remember where I left off when my ride finally gets there.

  17. This book would be such a blessing! I actually was just informed yesterday that I won a copy of Nicki Koziarz’s new book, however, I had already bought it and just finished it today! But I have NOT bought Pressing Pause yet. 🙂 I would love this book because I have an almost-3-year-old and one due in 3 weeks (although likely to come early) and this book would be a great resource as I learn how juggle two kids!

    • Oh, forgot to mention that I asked Karen Ehman’s team to choose another winner for the Nicki Koziarz book since I already had it. Somebody else who could really use it. 🙂

  18. The last few months have been a whirlwind of changes personally and for our whole family. Too often I realize at the end of the day that I haven’t even spent time with God that day! We all need that “pause” with our Heavenly Father each and every day.

  19. I’d keep this in my van to get a quick “pause” before picking up the kids from school. It would be great to have a little time with God to be sure my heart and attitude is ready to properly handle the busy night ahead.

  20. I am a grandmother of 2 (4 yrs and 2 yrs) and one on the way!
    I would love to share this book with my daughter-in-love as
    she prepares to welcome the new baby. She is a wonderful mother!
    She will definitely need those pause moments in the near future.

  21. I would love this book as I’ve been looking for a way to ‘pause’ and spend time with God each day. I’m a mom to three kids – two of them young adults – and I love Hearts at Home and the loving guidance that Jill and other provide.

  22. I so need the devotional book Pressing Pause because not only am I so busy with my two sons and their activities, I am also going through a divorce thus operating as a single mom and having to reinvent my life with all the changes going on. And so many times I feel alone as if God is not with me and maybe this may help me not feel so disconnected from him as it will give me a chance to spend time with him in between my constant hustle and bustle. Also with all the craziness I am missing Hearts at Home for the first time in 9 years!!

  23. This season of motherhood–with teens still at home–AND about to enter the season of being a grandmother makes the idea of pausing all the more necessary. I’d love the encouragement of this book❤️❤️❤️

  24. Pressing pause…I would love to find a way to do that and connect deeper with God. I find myself asking God why a lot lately and feeling like he isn’t answering. I am a mom of two, a three year old and 6 month old. Ever since our second child came along I find it hard to pause. I am always on, on the go, and with little downtime. And the lack of sleep has and is taking its toll. The ability to pause and have a moment of true focus on God and with God would go a long way in making my day feel more complete.

  25. Pressing pause when life seems so very pressing…tough stuff! I struggled with it and now I see my own girls struggle. Leaving beds unmade and dishes for later, getting on the floor with little ones, all the while asking God into your moments…disconnecting from technology…these give you some margin to be able to connect. God wants to hear from me, from all these sweet mamas…even if its a brief time each day. I want to share this book with my girls…and as I come alongside them in this journey of motherhood, I trust it will have wisdom for me as well.

  26. I would love to win this book I am so busy with life I forget to pause with Jesus sometimes he should be the reason I pause and live life

  27. This is an area I really struggle with. As a working mom with three kids, the pace of life just seems crazy fast. I realize that I often hit the ground running and the entire day can be filled with busyness, and I am left feeling empty and exhausted. I know this has a negative effect on my family too. When I do choose to take time to be still with the Lord and surrender my day to Him, I know I often feel more fulfilled and like I was a better wife, mom, friend. However the temptations are strong for me to be “Martha” instead of “Mary”. I would love to read this book because it sounds like it would be a realistic way to get better about putting the priority on what is most important first and sitting at the feet of Jesus.

  28. I would love this book. As a first year Kindergarten teacher and a mom of a toddler, I need more than ever to just press pause.

  29. This is an area I really struggle with. As a working mom of three kids, I feel like the pace of life is just crazy fast. I often hit the ground running and don’t let up until my head hits the pillow. It leaves me feeling empty and exhausted. Even though a lot of the busyness are things I think I am doing “for” my family, I know the way I go about it has a negative effect on everyone around me. When I do make the choice to be still with the Lord and surrender my time to Him, then I feel much more fulfilled, refreshed, loving and loved. If only I could resist the temptations and be “Mary” more than my usual role of “Martha”. I would love to read this book because it sounds like it would be a realistic step to help me put first things first.

  30. I really need encouragement as a busy mom of three to press pause in my life to spend time with the giver of life. I would love to have a copy of her book. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  31. I am just like your son Mitchell! I drive everybody around me crazy because I ask a zillion questions because my mind is always running through possibilities and permutations and it seems great to me, but not so much to everyone else. Learning how to pause and listen and wait on God would be a wonderful thing to discover.

  32. I absolutely need to learn to press pause. I am prone to anxiety and depression and anger. When I don’t fine time with God – which is more often than I care to admit – all these things overwhelm me and I fall apart. At that point I am no good to my kids, my husband or myself.

  33. I’m trying lately to intentionally press pause. Sometimes I like to do this by going for a gratitude run/walk. Instead of plugging in to music or a podcast, I use that time to connect with God and talk to Him.

  34. Pressing pause is so important in this busy world we live in. We all need to Be Still and Know…
    This book seems like a great reminder of that.

  35. I would love this book as another option in my toolkit for ways to keep my mind focused not in the things if this world but in eternity. I long to do in depth studies but being a mom of two young kids is not conducive to that so I’m learning to be content with little snippets here and there throughout the day.

  36. I would love this book as I am wanting all the answers right now in regards to my career/job options. I know I need to slow down and wait for Gods leading but so hard!!