It’s a Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast Day!

If you’re needing some perspective on keeping your sanity in the after school hours, join me today on the Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast.  Dr. Julianna Slattery, John Fuller, and I are discussing the ins and outs of making the hours after school an important time of connection for families.  You can listen anytime online here.

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After listening to the broadcast, I’d love to hear any additional strategies you have for connecting with your kids in the evening.  This is a place to find encouragement and share strategies.

If you’re dropping by for the first time, I’d love to “meet” you.  Let me know you were here, where you’re from, and how many kids you have!


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6 thoughts on “It’s a Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast Day!

  1. I just wanted you to know that you came at a great time today. I was trying to get my housework done to just sit down and read your blog posts and a few others that refill my energy tank. But your voice came to me through the radio while I finished what I was doing, thanks for all the great advise that you share!!!!

  2. Heard Julie on Focus on the Family today. I’m a mother of eight (currently ages 8-24) who hauled the gang everywhere I went when they were younger. I used to do the behavior reminder pep talk before going into stores. Our list of rules was something like this: no running, no touching, no begging, stay with Mom. After reviewing the rules, I would remind them of our “large family” slogan: We are going to attract attention just because there are a lot of us. Let’s draw attention for our GOOD behavior, not the BAD! The vast majority of the time, the kids behaved beautifully! I was never one for bribing my kids, though we did occasionally get a treat afterwards. Probably their greatest reward was that people in stores and restaurants DID notice the good behavior and frequently commended them for being so quiet, patient and well-behaved.

  3. Hi, Im Sherrie, wife and mother of two children aged 5 and 3, in Australia. I work part-time and just listened to your broadcast on connecting in the evenings. I really liked your suggestion of asking the kids to do something with you like a chore or getting dinner ready. I need to do that more! Thanks for all the helpful hints.

  4. What a fantastic message today! My husband and I really enjoyed listening to Jill. I came by looking the the list Whos responsiblilty is it that Jill referenced. I was not able to find it. Does anyone remember hearing what I am referring to? 🙂

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