Special Registration Opportunity for Family Life, Heidi St. John, and Focus on the Family Listeners!

Join the No More Perfect Date Night Community today!
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Spring Registration is closed but we’re opening it just for Family Life, Heidi St. John podcast, and Focus on the Family listeners until Friday, May 19, 2017!

(Public registration only opens twice a year…don’t miss out!)


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2 thoughts on “Join NO MORE PERFECT DATE NIGHT!

  1. We just watched the 10 Marriage Myths webinar. Thank you so much for providing this. We understand that it is so important to invest in our marriage. We have been married for 31 years and have 3 kids ages 27 (married), 13 and 10. We are Canadians and so with the exchange, $25 per month is a lot more for us. I do not work outside the home and we just can’t afford this cost every month. That’s why we have so appreciated your Marriage Monday posts and this free webinar. I hope that you will occasionally be able to offer other free webinars for those of us who cannot the afford the monthly cost.

    • Christine, thanks for letting us know. So glad you were able to catch the webinar. We’ll be offering them on occasion. If you can get the No More Perfect Marriages book, that will be helpful too!