Living With Less: Dollar Store Deal

Last week I took one of my boys to the pediatrician for a check-up.  My allergies have been a mess over the past two weeks and the intake nurse and I chatted about that a bit.  Then she said, “Did you know that you can buy a generic version of Zyrtec at the Dollar Tree Store: 14 doses for 1$? The active ingredient in Zyrtec is Cetirizine and the Dollar Tree stores carry it.”  I told her I had no idea, and I profusely thanked her for that bit of information.

If you don’t have allergies, you might not understand how valuable this information is. Zyrtec runs in the vicinity of $20 a bottle for 30 tablets.  That’s expensive!  Even the generics you can get at the big box stores aren’t as good of a deal as the Dollar Tree deal.

I headed off to the Dollar Tree to see if I could find them and sure enough…she was right!

I shop the Dollar Tree stores for toothpaste, greeting cards (cards are .50) and a variety of other things. You can bet I’ll be adding this generic of Zyrtec to my shopping list now!

What about you? What is the best Dollar store deal you’ve ever found?


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16 thoughts on “Living With Less: Dollar Store Deal

  1. Wow!! Definitely going to check that out. Hubby has allergies and this would be awesome!

    I buy most of my cleaning supplies at our local Dollar Tree!

  2. Pregnancy Test! We were in our first month of trying to get pregnant with our second son, and I was late. My body has a habit of not following the traditional cycles, so I said to my husband, “I’m just going to run to Dollar Tree and get a few tests to have on hand so I don’t have to keep wondering if I could be pregnant. I’m sure it’s just my system though.” I ran to the store, got back home, took the test, and a few minutes later picked it up and started to say “SEE! It’s just my…….UM, UM, I’m pregnant!” Couldn’t believe it! It took us several months of trying with our first one, and then several months of trying after him with no success. So when we went for this go ’round I was surprised–and the Dollar Tree test proved right!

    • Oh my! What a great deal…and I guess you can prove that it worked just as well as the brand name tests! 🙂

  3. the dollar tree version really works Jill! I discovered it last year! Gotta love that store!

  4. I really like to buy my sunglasses there. They seem to last longer plus I don’t feel bad when they break or are lost. I also buy the aluminum pans when I need to take a meal somewhere or gift as a gift.

  5. Jill, if you have a Sam’s Club membership (or a friend that does) their generic is $14.88 for 400 pills. My mom just shared this with me recently as our tween has been diagnosed with a long list of seasonal allergies. Hope this helps!

  6. I got some of my wedding decorations there…..we bought little baskets with shells woven through them and filled them with Russian Sage to put on some of the tables. the other decorations were square glass candle holders (given to me by our neighbor) with sand, shells and tea lights (all purchased at Dollar Tree as well:). Then I had different colored glass vases with a mix of flowers (to be like beach glass). It really looked nice when it was all done.

    The girls all wore a different color dress (blue, gold, purple, and green), and the sage, glass vases and flowers were all picked from those colors.

  7. I always used to by disposal bags for diapers at the Dollar Tree store. They were like 100 for $1.00. It eliminated the need for a Diaper Genie and the disgusting process of cleaning out the Diaper Genie. The bags were lightly scented so it masked the odor and we just threw them away in our regular garbage can which got emptied more than once a week. They were also handy when you were at someone’s house and needed to discard a diaper because you didn’t stink up their home or need to find their outside garbage can.

  8. My mom and I have become a huge Dollar Tree fans since I moved here to southern Indiana 8 months ago. My best find is their Scar Gel for $1.00. I always purchased Mederma, which is around $15.00 or more for the same size tube. Their version works just as well. Also, their sunscreen works great, as my family found out this summer. I use many of their cleaning products and got 3 stainless steel scrubbers for $1.00. The more I go, the more $1 treasures I find.

  9. I miss Dollar Tree. Or any real dollar store for that matter. All we have here is a Family Dollar which is not a true dollar store.

    When I was taking Zyrtec (couldn’t take while pregnant and not while nursing either) I would buy the generic at Rite Aid during their buy one, get one free deals. $10 for 60 pills is better than nothing but no where near as good at your Dollar Tree deal.

  10. I absolutely love the Dollar Tree Store! I am truly blessed to have 3 in our town! My son recently had his 10th birthday party and it was the Spider Man theme. Well, Low and Behold I found all of his party items there! They even had Spider Man candy for his party bags and Spider Man toothbrushes! How awesome is that!

  11. I just finished “Living with Less so your family can have More” and I can’t tell you how excited I am to begin a new venture with our awesome God, my husband, and our kids. The book helped me to see the positive side of a life style that we are already living. We are what I like to call “rich poor people”. We finacally hover around the state poverty line. And we are ok with it but I now realize that its not about our material things and who has this or that. This life is about GOD and my husband and my kids. I am excited to teach our children how to live with less!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

    • Tosha, I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to share how the book impacted you!

  12. I was excited about this post, and then while hunting for “emergency” sinus medication at our local wal-mart, I discovered this same allergy medicine for .88/box. same pill count. Just thought I’d share!

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