Living With Less: Guest Post on Learning to Stockpile

Over the past two years I’ve learned a lot about the value of supercouponing and the concept of stockpiling.  I’ve found it a very effective way to save money. Today’s post is a guest post by Rebecca Campbell, also known as “The Coupon Trainer.”  

No, that’s not my stockpile. I sure wish it was because that is pretty!

stock·pile – A supply stored for future use, usually carefully accrued and maintained.

A stockpile is buying more than what you need for immediate use when prices are extremely low, so that you do not have to pay full price in the future. A stockpile is a very important part of saving money!

Here are some pointers to build a stockpile:
::Only purchase and store what you know your family will be consuming in the next 8-12 weeks and make sure you rotate older items to the front and put your new purchases in the back of your pantry.

::When you find a good deal buy 2, 3, 4 or more of the same item if it’s within your grocery budget at that time.

::You have to keep an eye on expiration dates when you stockpile. Try to keep everything visible so that you know what you have or make an inventory list and post it where you can see it!

::Visit your pantry regularly, especially when you’re putting together your shopping list and when you’re planning your weekly meals.

::Don’t go overboard! It’s very tempting to buy tons and tons of products – especially when they’re free. Remember, it will go on sale again.

*Note: Stores run sales in cycles. Everything typically goes on sale about every 8 – 12 weeks. If you buy 8 – 12 weeks worth of everything when it goes on sale, then you will have enough to last you until the next time it goes on sale.

What about you?  Do you stockpile?  Do you have any additional tips for saving money by stockpiling?


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4 thoughts on “Living With Less: Guest Post on Learning to Stockpile

  1. Took me too many years to learn, it will go on sale again. I am going to write that down in the cover of grocery list notebook cover! Growing up in a house with 10 children I still resist the urge to stockpile for nuclear winter.

  2. Thumbs up on stock piling– It really does work! My living with less tip is – I save all of the plastic containers things come in – butter, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cool whip, etc. These containers with lids make great tupperware! I even run them all in the top rack of the dishwasher and they do fine! My latest is saving the little plastic containers that gum/mints come in. Wash them, and they are great for on the go snack containers, or sending in lunch boxes!

  3. I understand this concept, but coming from my experience of living in other countries where so many have so much less, and couldn’t even imagine the concept of a “stockpile”, I have a hard time with the concept, especially as a follower of Jesus. Not that we are not supposed to be good stewards of what we are given, because this is a clear command, but I think that it can border on pride, to see how much “stuff” we can get for ourselves, even if it is cheap? For me, it makes my life less hectic by trusting a bit more that God will provide for our needs (but certainly still using a budget and planning), rather than spending precious time driving all around town, esp. with little ones in tow, to a variety of different stores to get all the good deals.

  4. I have found stockpiling has saved me a great deal of money! I also found that stockpiling is a great way to be a good steward since so much of it can be donated! There is nothing better than being able to help a friend whos family is struggling, or having plenty to donate at the canned food drive, or even being able to make a huge supply of food to send to the soup kitchen. I dont look at stockpiling as being greedy at all. Besides, if I am not blowing all my money on groceries, I am able to help my churches more!

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