Living With Less: Tip for Sending Get Well Wishes

When someone is in the hospital, I like to visit and take something to brighten their room or pass the time away. However, when someone I care about is in the hospital and lives far away, a visit is just not possible.

That’s when sending flowers comes to mind. That’s also when you can easily discover that doing so will cost you close to $50 even for the simplest arrangements.

Recently I discovered another option: the hospital gift shop.

Located in the hospital, there’s no delivery fee.  Not only that, but their arrangements are usually affordably priced.  Many gift shops offer the option of adding a book, magazine, or another gift option from all they carry in their shop.

Recently, I was able to send a friend a floral arrangement, a magazine, and a book for just $25!  Using a traditional florist, I couldn’t have even sent an arrangement for that price.

I love when I discover deals like that!

What about you? What strategies have you used to send get well wishes to someone on a “living with less” budget?

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4 thoughts on “Living With Less: Tip for Sending Get Well Wishes

  1. A cheaper way … for where I live… would be to get flowers at the local grocery store 🙂 and either bring your own vase or purchase one there. Our hospital gift stores are on the costly side 🙂

    • Yes, definitely. In my case, the person was hospitalized far from my home. I couldn’t visit them…just wanted to send flowers to let them know they were being thought of!

  2. I use to send e-greeting cards – you can subscribe to a $12 a year e-card plan and have unlimited e-cards. You can use their online address book to keep emails of those you send regularly to, and you can set up a calendar with reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It may not be as good as sending a “real” card, but on a tight budget, something is better than nothing. And isn’t it the thought that counts anyway?