Looking back…and looking forward!

We finally got our Christmas tree up!  I’ll admit, I was tempted to throw some lights on the largest green plant in our house and call it done…but the kids wouldn’t have it!

I’m not a scrooge…I promise.  I am tired, though.  We’ve been dealing with some challenging teen and adoption issues over the past few weeks and I’m weary from it all.  Can you relate to weariness?  I bet you can!

The new year will be here before you know it!  Personally, I can’t wait to turn the calendar to 2013.  2012 has been a hard one.  I wouldn’t want to delete it from my life because it’s  made me stronger and drawn me closer to God, but a person can only handle so much!  My friend Karen told me that her grandma used to say, “I know God says he won’t give us more than we can handle, but I honestly believe He thinks too highly of me!”  When she shared that, I had to laugh.  That’s what it feels like sometimes, especially in a year like my 2012 has been.

But I digress.

Thinking about the upcoming new year made me think about the free 31 Day No More Perfect Mom Email Challenge that will begin January 1.  Hop over to www.NoMorePerfectMoms.com to sign up!  While you’re there you can read some of the “imperfect mom” stories that have been submitted in the past few weeks. I promise they will make you feel so much better about your “imperfect mom” moments.

Oh and if you or someone you know is a great influencer of moms, I’m still taking applications until December 10 to be part of the launch team for No More Perfect Moms. You can find info on that here!

Have a great Thursday!


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5 thoughts on “Looking back…and looking forward!

  1. Jilll, many of your readers may not write in, but we are all praying for you and your family and your struggle through these difficult days.

  2. Jill, you have been a tremendous blessing in my life! I am a married working mom with a toddler. Reading your blogs is my therapy. Years ago I heard you on the radio (WLIX in NY). They played an interview with you from Focus on the Family and I have been hooked on your guidance ever since. Thanks a bunch for so being so selfless and helping us mother’s to never give up! 🙂

  3. I caught a little of your conversation on the radio the other day when you were talking about adoption. I was adopted but probably being a girl maybe didn’t have some of the same struggles you are going through with your son. Even though I had a desire to search for my birth parents, (and haven’t found them), I know I can never be thankful enough for having been adopted by loving Christian parents who did their best. I pray God can give you and Mark and the rest of your family guidance as you help guide your son(s) through turbulent waters and that their hearts might be receptive to God’s love especially this time of you as well as appreciation for all of you.