Marriage Monday: The Element of Surprise

Want to add some fun into your marriage?  Add the element of surprise!  But be careful, you need to first determine just how much your spouse likes surprises!

Mark says…
In our first year of marriage, I threw a surprise birthday party for Jill.  That’s when I learned that she didn’t like surprises.

Jill says…
I’ve never been one to like surprises.  I don’t really know why…but I’ve never liked them.  I was completely caught off guard by the birthday party because it wasn’t how I expected to spend my birthday.

Mark says…
I, however, LOVE surprises.  So initially, I tried to do something for Jill that I thought she would like because I would like it.  Maturity in marriage happens when you stop assuming your spouse would like what you like.

Jill says…
Knowing that Mark LOVES surprises, I’ve had some fun planning some surprises over the years.  One time for our anniversary, we went to dinner.  At dinner, I gave him a hotel room key.  He didn’t know it, but I had arranged childcare for not just a few hours, but all night.  I’d also already packed our bags and they were in the hotel room already.

Mark says…
Now that was a surprise!  I loved it!

I’ve actually been able to surprise Jill, too, but in a way that works for her.  For instance, one year for our anniversary, I asked if I could make dinner plans.  I went to the store and bought a few roses (if you live near an Aldi store, they usually have 1/2 dozen roses for about $3.99 in case you’re on a budget!).  I pulled the rose petals off the roses and took them to the restaurant.  I asked them to sprinkle the rose petals on our table and place a card I bought her on the table.  They were happy to oblige.

Jill says…
This was a great surprise.  I knew we were going to dinner, but I was so surprised at the extra effort Mark put into it!   A surprise like that works well for someone who doesn’t like surprises.

So what about you?  Have you ever surprised your spouse?  Have the two of you ever talked about whether you like or dislike surprises?  We want to hear your story!


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