Marriage Monday: There’s an App for That!

Recently Mark and I discovered a marriage app for our smartphones called Pair (I just looked it up in the iTunes store and I believe they’ve renamed it to Couple now.)  We’ve been using it to communicate with each other throughout the day. You can draw pictures with it, send pics, private texts, videos, and more!  If you have smartphones, you might want to check it out.

I also recently found The Love Dare Day By Day App that encourages you to actively love your spouse each and every day.  It’s a free app that keeps the marriage priority in front of you everyday.

What about you? If you have smartphones, do you have any apps you use to keep your marriage on the front-burner? 


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6 thoughts on “Marriage Monday: There’s an App for That!

    • Donna, both Mark and I use our smartphones for business purposes so we have found them to be a necessary part of our budget. I know not everyone has them…but if they do, I wanted to make sure they knew there are ways to invest in your marriage by using your smartphones!

  1. My hubby & I downloaded this app yesterday & fell in love w/it. My husband travels for a living. He’s gone for 10 days only home for 4 days every 2 wks & this process repeats all the time. He’s gone more then he’s home. I’m always trying to find unique ways to keep in touch. Ty for writing about this app, it’s amazing!!!!

    • Treva, I’m so glad you like it! We love the drawing pictures option and the video option. I’m so glad it’s going to be a fun way for you and your traveling hubby to stay in touch!