Mom Revolution: Questions to Ponder




What kind of revolution would happen in your home if you:

  • cleaned out your van?
  • made cookies and took them to your neighbor for no reason at all?
  • actually followed the food pyramid when planning your meals?


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6 thoughts on “Mom Revolution: Questions to Ponder

  1. My husband is terribly particular about the outside appearance of our vehicle and I am the same about the inside!!

  2. Cleaning out my van is on the “to do” list this weekend. With the prediction of snow and knowing that it will be awhile till I’m able to get the handy dandy shop vac out I’m going to rake the leaves and put them into bags, clean the inside of the van AND car, along with some other house hold things.

    The neighbors to our right is a single dad with 4 kids. I wanted to show a kind gesture and brought him cookies, to welcome him to the neighborhood. He looked me as if I was an alien. He said thank you but after that he avoids me at all costs.

    • Molly,

      Don’t let your neighbor’s response discourage you. Some people have a thick wall around their heart and it takes many kind gestures to begin to break that wall down.

      • That’s a great point. I’m going to make him muffins in the shape of leaves to go with the fall season! You are changing so many lives for the better Jill. I thank God for bringing the Hearts-at-home program into my life and that he blessed you with this amazing idea!

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