Mom Revolution: Questions to Ponder


What kind of revolution would happen if you:

    • kissed your husband in front of your kids every day?
    • said you were sorry (even when you don’t want to!)
    • actually printed off the pictures on your computer?


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3 Responses to Mom Revolution: Questions to Ponder

  1. Julie N says:

    Mine would be – “what kind of revolution would happen if I prayed with my kids every single day?” I want this to be a habit, but somehow I still let exhaustion over run my good intentions. I was recently reminded by Paul in Philippians Chapter 2, that I need to take a more Christ like attitude, obeying, not complaining and just doing what God asks of me. Why wouldn’t I want to shine like God’s stars in the universe spreading the good news, rejoicing, giving thanks and counting blessings?!

  2. Robin says:

    I do print off pictures and I’ll tell you Saturday mornings, my 2 boys will sit in their rooms, looking through the photo albums for hours. Sometimes they are together and the oldest is sharing what was going on or his memories. But I wonder what would happen if I would read my Bible more often to my boys or for that fact if I just spent more time in the word daily