Mother’s Day Giveaway

There is a competitive side in me and that showed up yesterday in our “Jack Bauer” discussion.  I’ll have you know that there were 39 of us who had no idea who Jack Bauer was and there were 42 of you who knew he was a character from the television show “24.”

I’ll concede to Dr. Todd on this one, but not by much!  It was nearly a tie!

We have two winners from yesterday’s book drawing.  Each one will receive one copy of Dr. Todd’s book, Keep The Siblings…Lose the Rivalry.  Congratulations to:

  • Cyndee (caownbey)
  • Jen (jpulvermacher)

You will each get an email from me requesting more information so we can get your book to you!

Since it’s the week before Mother’s Day, I think it is appropriate to have another giveaway!!

Several months ago I read two great mom fiction books by author Megan DiMaria: Searching for Spice and Out of Her Hands.  I particularly enjoyed them as a mother of teenagers!

Megan’s main character, Linda Revere, is an everyday mom who is approaching 25 years of marriage and raising two teenagers.  Her experiences, thoughts, feelings, and struggles mirrored so many of my own!  I love a fiction book that reminds me that I’m normal, my kids are normal, and my marriage is normal!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Megan has generously offered to give away one copy of each of her books.  If you’d like your chance at a copy, post a comment sharing what the perfect Mother’s Day looks like for you.

I’ll go first…my perfect Mother’s Day is when my whole family helps me plant all the summer potted flowers (we do alot of container flowers!).  One of my love languages is Acts of Service so I really enjoy it when they help me with this big project!

What about you?  If you could plan your perfect Mother’s Day…what would it look like?


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51 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. Love being introduced to new fiction. Thanks. My perfect mothers day is camping. Uninterrupted time spent together being replenished in nature and soaking up springtime.

  2. Every year, my husband asks me this, and every year, my answer is the same: I just want to spend time with the people who made me the mommy I am– my kids and my husband. We like to have a little cook out, and depending on the weather, take a walk through our local park to see the flowers and animals, and possibly go fishing. But, just spending time with them is all I really want to do.

  3. My husband and I recently bought a sailboat. The perfect Mothers’ Day would be sailing with my 4 children and my amazing husband. I can leave all my problems on the shore and feel my children are in a protective cocoon. That is not an easy task since my children range in age from 16 to 23. The peace and quiet of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay is a feeling that I can’t find anywhere else.

  4. I am going to be perfectly honest here. A great mother’s day to me would be to actually have 1-2 hours all alone in my house in the complete peace and quiet. 🙂 I would start it at church and then would love for my hubby to take the kids to see his mom for awhile, allowing me to stay at home and just soak in the quiet. 🙂 And a massage or pedicure would be nice too.

    • Lisa, I can soooo relate! I LOVE being home by myself! It’s a true gift! Why don’t you ask your hubby to do that?

  5. My perfect day is spending time with my kids & husband enjoying God’s creation. Also, some time with my own mom. After all… I might be grown but once a mom always a mom!

  6. My perfect mother’s day would consist of genuine “words of affirmation”….Being a mother can be a very thankless job. I also enjoy spending the day before mother’s day with my mom….shopping, lunch, etc. etc. I hope the weather is beautiful this weekend so my hubby and kids can detail my car. It needs it really badly.

  7. My ideal Mother’s Day would be a trip to our favorite campground at the beach and attending Sunday services together as a family. Our “real lives” are so busy this time of year and it would be wonderful to step away from it all!

  8. I would love it if my kids would do their chores without me having to ask them to do it. That would be the best Mother’s Day gift for me!

  9. Just time with those I love….

    acts of service, housecleaning chores are always appreciated too!

  10. The perfect Mother’s Day for me would be a quiet day at home with my husband and kids…after going to church. Breakfast in bed is always a plus!

  11. Perfect Mothers Day: Hmmm I will dream…
    A sunny day and I would not have to wear a coat.
    I would like to sleep in and be on time for church.
    I would like a new outfit to wear. Accessories included. And all picked out for me.
    ( of course it has to have been bought on sale)
    I would like to drive to church in a detailed clean minivan. Or better yet, be driven.
    After that if someone else planned and cooked the lunch it would be icing on the cake.
    Then some sort of family activity and that could include working together like outside in my garden. Phone calls from out of town older children would be tops!
    Reality is- my husband is going out of town and none of these things will happen however I can dream.

  12. Love a good story that inspires me to keep being a good mom. My perfect mother’s day is spending time with my kids and husband while not being responsible for any food, any cleaning, or any reminders to do what is supposed to be done. Sound impossible? It’s happened on previous Mother’s Days.

  13. Mine would include a nap, a meal out with the family, and maybe enjoying the kids at a park.

  14. Start with church and Baby Dedications…always a special reminder of the job God has given us to do.
    I love having all the kids and grands here at the house. Good food, lots of laughs and a long walk down to the park!

  15. My perfect Mother’s Day, would be going to church, spending the day with my husband and 2 boys (6 and 8), and no matter what we are doing, there would be NO FIGHTING between the 2 boys. And all the homework would be done for the weekend of course!!! 🙂

  16. My favorite mom’s day would include: Starbucks, church, not having to make lunch or dinner, a bike ride, and going to see my daughter’s and my hip hop teacher in the local Jr. College dance showcase, with my family. 😀

  17. My perfect Mother’s Day is seeing my kids’ smiling faces. These days we mostly visit on Skype since two of them are 1,000+ miles away.

    Thanks for sharing my books with your readers, Jill. I appreciate it! It’s always great to meet new readers.

    A prisoner of hope,
    Megan DiMaria

  18. I have to agree with Melanie except I’d like to get through an entire day without having to tell my 3 year old to get off a sibling or to eat dinner…. A day without discipline (because of a well-behaving child not because I just didn’t do it). I think that would be a peaceful day. Also a day with out crying and tantrums. And while we are at it I’d like to fly and have a billion-gajillion dollars. :o)

    My love language is acts of service so if some of the cleaning was done while I relaxed that would be great.


  19. Making photo memories in our Sunday “best” with the extended family (babies and my mother).

  20. I feel a little bad saying my perfect Mother’s Day is spent without my kids, but right now, that is my perfect mother’s day. A day of rest with just my husband. I know that these times of refreshment make me a better mom too.

  21. I’ve found whenever I search for the “perfect” day that’s when I am bound to be disappointed. I love just having the day with my family and when I let go of expectations that’s when I find I can have a great day no matter what is thrown my way.

  22. The perfect Mothers Day for me would be to go out to dinner, which we don’t do much because of health issues in the family. Then it would be to take a nap in a quiet house. I love my kids, but I’m with them all the time, so honestly, a few hours to myself would be splendid.

  23. My perfect mother’s day would start with a nice hot cup of tea being brought to me while I indulged under the covers a little longer. Then just having my kids around and having them being a little extra nice to mom on her special day. Last year, they bought me some flowers to plant in the garden and hubby grilled a nice dinner. It was wonderful!

  24. When my children were young the best Mother’s Day gift was for my husband to take all the boys (5) away for 4-5 hours and let me be ALONE! Now that our 5 boys are old enough to tell me they want to be with me on my day, I enjoy them fight over who is going to do what for my breakfast in bed, have me read the home-made Mother’s Day cards while we are all piled on the bed, rush to go to church, pick up take out on the way home to eat, read the paper and feel guit-free to say, “ask your dad to help you”, “ask your dad that question,”..etc. And then smile and gingerely say, “please do the dishes, clean the bathroom, sweep the entry way and put away the piles of clothes in your room.” They get to think before not doing it and sheepishly say o.k. with out a fuss because it is MOTHER’S DAY!!!…….I can’t wait to receive a no rebuttles day while I get what I need and want!!

  25. My perfect mother’s day would include sleeping in, no meals to make or anything to clean, no bickering, going to church and having my hubby sit with us(he’s a pastor so it doesn’t happen much), coming home for a nap and then a couple hours alone, followed by dinner out with my family,

  26. For Mother’s day i wouldn’t mind just sitting in a nice park with beautiful trees and a lake all around me and just having some real nice quiet time and then going to have a a nice dinner with my husband and kids.
    I feel very blessed to be a mother of 3 beautiful healthy children.
    I wish all of you moms a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day.

  27. My Perfect Mother’s Day would be a relaxing day spent at home with my husband, son, and daughter. Nothing exciting, but absolutely no arguing——only peacefulness!! Maybe a nap……… 🙂

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  28. My perfect Mother’s Day has to involve a beautiful sunny day, a lake, a cool breeze, and my own mother sitting in the lawn chair beside me. I miss her since she moved eight hours away.

  29. I’m with Lisa and a couple of others – quite time alone in my house with my photo albums and scrapbooks fills me up…. SIGH.

  30. I would love a day of peace and tranquility with my husband and daughters. If the girls could just get along and we can have the TVs, computers, etc. turned off, I would be a happy mom.

  31. Idea Mother’s Day for me would be going to church as a family, and not having to remind any of my girls more than once to behave. And then a relaxing breakfast out afterward, followed by a fun day with no chores. Just playing in the yard, blowing bubbles, swinging…

  32. The perfect Mother’s Day would include church, a lunch that I didn’t cook, and taking the children to the park with my husband actually coming along.

  33. The perfect Mother’s Day would be to change it to a Saturday. I would love to sleep in and then have breakfast made for me. I would then love to just hang out with my boys and play. I love our church and being so involved but by the time all the responsibility are done there is only a half a day left. And forget sleeping in on that day. I sing for 8am worship service.

  34. I love a day with my kids and husband where I have to do very little. 🙂 And maybe a trip to a local flower garden. Hoping the weather allows for that this weekend.

  35. My favorite Mother’s Day is one in which I do not have to do much of anything so I can just spend quality time (my love language) with my husband and our 4 children. That means not having to cook, either because my husband allowed me extra time the day before to cook something or my husband does the cooking for the day. It also means not planning anything big because our kids are all 5 and under so going somewhere takes some planning and requires me to be prepared. It’s not completely a day off, but it feels so good:)

  36. Hmmm… I don’t want to cook anything! I don’t want to be the one who has to get off my rear to help my toddler or get someone up from a nap or feed someone. I do want extra snuggles, a handmade something, and chocolate!

  37. My perfect Mother’s Day would be to spend some quality time with my kids and husband. Then maybe have an hour or two to myself.

  38. Church with the family, and then dinner out at a nice buffet or something would be a huge treat! A nice nap, an afternoon with the family…maybe a walk with the kids or something. A little something to make me feel loved…pictures from the kids, maybe some candy or flowers. And a gift of some alone time, maybe part of the afternoon or later in the week would be great. And I would LOVE some sunshine!!!

  39. A calm day with my hubbie and kids, playing outside with no required yard jobs. My hubbie making the meals and cleaning up (hee hee). I would also love receiving some encouraging letters/cards from family, and some art from my kids. But most of all, a big sloppy kiss and hug from each of them! 🙂

  40. My perfect mother’s day would be spending the day with my husband and my daughter but also being with my mom and the rest of my siblings. Now that I’m a mom myself, I want to make sure I don’t forget that my mom is still a mom too and still deserves to be celebrated on this day as well.

  41. Usually we spend Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law and most of the family. This year when my daughter (21 and working) asked what I wanted, I couldn’t think of any “thing” that I really wanted. We just spent Easter with my mother-in-law and the whole family and we are getting together in June for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. So what I am going to do this Sunday, is help my daughter with the scrapbook she is making of my mother, who passed away almost three years ago, by providing the details to go along with pictures. She is very busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to work on it. It will be a quiet day with family (as quiet as it can be with two other children who are 4 and 7) while I look at old pictures and reminisce. My daughter and husband will take care of supper – that is bliss 🙂

  42. Every year, I give my mother a kiss and hug because i know that this is a big thing for her. We are not so close that why that is my gift for her. My father will cook for my her and as usual my brother don’t have a gift. We used to go to the church at that day and eat dinner together.

  43. Oh My God! How could I have ever forgotten that Mother’s Day is a few days away! Gosh! Can anybody tell me what kind of gift is best given to moms?

  44. I would love to not cook or clean, have time to scrapbook uninterrupted and also enjoy a meal and movie with my family.

  45. With a house full of kids and a husband I am always busy cleaning and it never ends. So for Mothers Day every year I ask them to just do all the house cleaning for me for one day. Give me a day off. I think that has happened once. Honestly I don’t look forward to Mothers Day because something always happens and the kids and hubby forget that it’s Mothers Day not national fight and selfish day. I pray you all have a beautiful Mothers Day full of Gods love and Grace!!!!!

  46. i am married for almost two years,but i didn’t have
    a celebrating mothers day with my mom
    by giving her a letter and a bouquet of flowers,some times we do bonding.

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