Motivation Monday: Clean out one drawer

Do you have a drawer in your house that’s bugging you?

It could be in your bedroom, one of your kid’s room, your kitchen, your bathroom, or your office.  Every time you open this drawer, you find yourself frustrated with it’s disorganization and you vow to do something about it.

But you never do.

Today’s Motivation Monday challenge is to tackle that drawer.  Seriously…it won’t take you near as long as you think it will.

Just do it!

You’ll be glad you did!


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3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Clean out one drawer

  1. Today was actually a day for touch up painting. The only problem is that when you touch up one door, you see all of the other areas that need to be touched up. Also you see the need to clean up on the dishwasher, stove, etc. I’m a bit worn out from it all, but I did also do a little trick in my kitchen junk drawer.
    I made use of plastic containers that I normally never use. I didn’t use the lids, but just put different types of “junk” in various of them, little lids, rubber bands, etc. The drawer looks a lot better and more organized.

  2. Hi Jill
    Well to be honest. My house has only such drawers that constantly are shouting;” Diane. Go and tidy up!!” Today it was in the cabinet. All hose scarfs and gloves and mittens, and caps and hats and,and and…..
    They all need to be washed and rearranged by me!! I merely do those things when my husband is abroad. So he has no opportunity to nag me if I am not finished.
    So I am occupied and have a goal to achieve.
    Bless ya all

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