Motivation Monday: Fill up your tank

Today is the first day of my Real Moms…Real Jesus Facebook study. Reading through Chapter 1 for our discussion today reminded me of the concept of “Serve with a curve.”

Jesus spent  his days serving others.  Yet even in the midst of a life of service, He knew that if you give freely you have to curve around and receive freely as well.  Serving with a straight line (giving and not receiving) may result in burnout, bitterness, and sheer exhaustion.

The Bible tells us, “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” This was Jesus’ primary time of receiving.  He refueled his emotional and spiritual fuel tank by spending time with God.

Much of motherhood is serving.  You and I also need to “curve around” and receive as well. How are you finding time with God?

When my kids were little I kept a Bible in every bathroom.  Now that they’re older, I read my Bible and talk with God time after they leave for school.  Maybe you work full-time and you could have lunch with God.  Maybe you’re home and the kids nap in the afternoon and you could take 15 minutes with God before you try to get a million things done!

Don’t try to serve without a curve.  You have to fill up to have something to give your family!

What about you?  When do you find time to receive from God?

By the way, I’m speaking in several places this week. If you live close by I’d love to meet you at one of these events!  Tuesday evening I’m in Bloomington, IL.  Thursday morning in Tuscola, IL. Friday and Saturday I’m in Harrisonville, MO.  You can find details of the events that are open to the public here.



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5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Fill up your tank

  1. This year I have made a commitment to pray and read my bible before I turn on the computer or read anything else that day. I find it if I don’t put time with God first, it doesn’t really happen later on in the day. As I stay at home Mum of 3 young kids, this looks like 10-15 minutes in the morning when I have my cup of tea. It sure makes it easier then to connect with God in prayer while I am doing jobs throughout the day.

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