Motivation Monday: Get Moving!

How are you doing with regular exercise?  Is it part of your daily routine or have you let it lapse?

I was doing well with exercise in October and early November, but mid-November through Thanksgiving I got out of the habit. It’s amazing how easy it is to let things slide when life gets busy or our routine changes because of the holidays.

Today’s Motivation Monday is to get moving!  If you’re doing well with an exercise routine, give yourself a pat on the back.  If you’ve gotten out of the routine, recommit today!  And if you’ve not been moving on a regular basis, decide to get serious about taking care of your body. Rent an exercise video, take a walk, or go for a run.

Don’t let the change of seasons change your commitment to take care of your body.

Remember, taking care of yourself is taking care of your family.


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7 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Get Moving!

  1. Thanks for the push this morning! I definitely find it hard to keep up during December! But this morning we’re headed to the gym as soon as we drop my kindergartener off!

  2. Thanks Jill! Just what I needed this morning. I was thinking of all the reasons I should not go and workout this morning (my to do lust keeps getting longer!) and then you reminded me of the greatest reason why I should…my family! Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Jill! This is just what I needed to hear this morning! I know exercise makes me a better wife and Mom, but have not been taking the time for it. Thank you!

  4. O Jill…I am Mrs. Undisciplined herself when it comes to an exercise routine. But one of the things that did help me a little bit was buying some of those exercise DVD’s. This time of year is always hard to get outside exercise around her in PA because hunting season is in full swing which means wearing LOTS of orange when walking or not going out at all. There are a lot of great uplifting exercise DVD’s/videos out there (without skimpily clad women). The ones in my cabinet are Leslie Sansone’s “Walk the Walk,” Stormie Omartian’s “First Step Workout,” and Laurette Willis’ “20 Minute Praise Moves.” All have something great to offer and all include Christian music. The “Praise Moves” includes scripture memorization as a part of the exercise. All a great way to work out and feel uplifted at the same time. These are a great way to keep moving when the weather gets too cold or other circumstances keep you indoors.

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