Motivation Monday: Make some decisions today!

They say that clutter is caused by delayed decision-making. Indeed when a pile starts forming on my kitchen counter, it’s because I’ve told myself, “I’ll deal with that later.”

The same thing happens in my bedroom.  When I put on my pj’s at night, I tend to put the clothes I was wearing on the hope chest that sits at the foot of our bed.  Before you know it, a pile of clothes forms in my bedroom because I delayed deciding whether they need to be washed or could be worn again and need to be hung up.

Today’s motivation challenge is to make some decisions where you’ve been delaying them! Tackle clutter by going to the root of the problem.

What decision(s) were you motivated to make today that tackled the clutter in your home?


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7 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Make some decisions today!

  1. Hey, how’d you get that picture of my office? LOL. Seriously, that’s my challenge. We’re fortunate enough to have a small room that’s a dedicated home office, but it has become where I stash everything I’m going to deal with “later.” Only later never comes and now that tax time is upon us, I’ve got to do some serious excavating in there so that I can even find what I need. Time for me to set up a filing system and a paper management system that I keep up with on a regular basis.

    • Jen, you are so right…”later never comes.” That’s the challenge of delayed decision-making. I think we all struggle with it to some extent!

  2. I went to an seminar with Emily Barnes once and she said something that has stuck with me ever since (well, to be honest, sometimes these words HAUNT me)…..
    “Don’t put it down, put it away”! This little bit of wisdom goes a long way for me to keep the clutter at bay 🙂

  3. I feel like I’m so busy that I can’t take care of it right now, so it goes into a pile. However, that pile then ends up growing and growing and then taking a whole day to go through?! I need to change my ways by making a little more effort each day to deal with it, so I don’t have to waste a whole day!

  4. I’m a pile mover. Many days I feel like I’m “organizing” or “cleaning”, but I’m really just moving piles. Before I read this I got the organization/put it away/throw it away bug in the toy room. I’m frugal so I hate tossing, but I did several throw away bag and a give away box. Trying to be better about just getting the stuff in boxes and out of the house to donate. I try to hang onto too much for garage sales and then don’t end up being able to get it all ready. Just get rid of it. Then there’s just less to pile up at the very least.

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