Motivation Monday: Stop, Look, and Listen

Too often I pseudo-listen to my kids and my husband.  In an effort to change that, I’ve started telling myself, “Stop, look, and listen,” when one of my kids or my hubby walks into the room to talk to me.  It even works when someone I love calls to talk.  Here’s how it works:

Stop what you’re doing.

Look at the person by turning your WHOLE body toward them.

Listen with your ears and your eyes.

Today’s motivating challenge is to listen to our husband and children with our whole self. This speaks value to them and let’s them know with every part of our body language that they are our top priority.

Anyone care to join me?


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9 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Stop, Look, and Listen

  1. I love your comment about “Look with your whole body towards them”. But I’ve found that some of our best conversations are in the car. Sometimes I think that they feel like they can talk more honestly when they know I can’t look at them

    • Good point, Janelle. I agree, but those are often different kinds of conversations than the ones where they “interrupt” what we’re doing. I also find that conversations in the dark when I tuck them in are sometimes also deeper and more honest probably for the same reason.

    • I love this concept. I do this with my son easily, as I usually need to get down to his eye level to have a conversation with him. I need to do it more often with my husband though – in the busy-ness of the day, it’s hard to remember that he needs my time and focus too. But I think if I could do this, he’d have a more positive response, even if he didn’t recognize what I was doing.

    • For a while, I had an index card on my computer screen that said, “Stop, Look, Listen.” Now I just keep it as a mental note.

  2. Yes I’m in! I catch myself going a million miles a minute that sometimes my brain doesn’t have time to concentrate & focus. I catch myself a few min later thinking “what did we just talk about” or “what did I just agree to”.

  3. I just heard this somewhere else! I’m really bad at this with my 3 and 1 year old because I think it doesn’t matter because there are “to young to care” but I think it needs to start from day one in any relationship even if they are toddlers!! Thanks for the reminder Jill!!

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