Motivation Monday: Take 15

This past weekend I got a lot of little jobs done: a flower bed weeded, a closet cleaned out, a bathroom drawer organized.

Often when I see those things, I tell myself, “I need to do that one day.” This weekend, I made a list of them as I found them.  When I finished a larger task I was doing or a project that I was helping my boys with, I’d “take 15.” I simply picked one of those I’ll-get-to-it-one-day tasks and gave it 15 minutes of my time.

Most of the tasks only took 15 minutes and they were done.  The “clean out the closet” job took 3 different 15 minute segments, but I had it done by the end of the day!

What’s on your “I’ll do that one day” list? Take 15 and start to tackle it!  Breaking down the big jobs into little segments of time makes accomplishment a real possibility!


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5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Take 15

  1. I try to remember to “take 15” before I go to bed every night to pick up papers, collect dirty dishes, empty full trash cans, start the dishwasher, etc. It’s great to wake up to a house that’s at least a little less cluttered!

    I have also been trying to get into the habit of meal-planning for the upcoming week (or at least a few days). I resist the task but am always surprised that it takes less than 15 minutes…but eases my mind so much during the week when I can glance at the list (I usually don’t specify meals for particular days, just make a list of lunches, suppers, and side dishes for a few days) when I can easily pick something to cook that day.

  2. Jill, it sounds like you’ve had a little flylady influence! I’m amazed what can be done in 15 minutes! Sometimes it’s the first 15 minutes -the getting started part- that are the toughest… but when it’s done in 15, 30 or even just 45, doesn’t it feel so good??

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