Motivation Monday: Unplugged

I’m unplugged this week.

No internet…no Facebook…no email…no active blogging.

Yes, you’re reading this blog post today, but I pre-posted it and the others you’ll receive this week so I can be true to myself and stay unplugged for seven days.

Sometimes we need to step away.




Be quiet.

Step away from the everyday.

This week I’m unplugged from the world and all it’s distractions.  My motivation is to be plugged in only to God’s word, God’s voice, and God’s truth.

I invite you to join me…this week or sometime in the future.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10


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4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Unplugged

  1. Ain’t nothing nicer than sitting on a hilltop, in the foothills, watchin the sun rise, thinkin about God.
    Have a truely blessed week my friend.

  2. I appreciate that Jill. What a great idea, and example to the rest of us. I am inspired!
    I pray that your time is fruitful in the Lord!
    God Bless!

  3. I gave up facebook for lent so it has been an interesting journey. Its made me face the things I’ve been putting off and I’ve gotten a lot done around the house! I may never log back on 🙂

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