Motivation Monday: Who do you need to forgive?

It’s been said that unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die. That’s a very true statement because when we hold onto hurt, it creates bitterness inside of us. Bitterness builds walls between us and God and between us and others.

Forgiveness is a choice that we need to make to keep our heart uncluttered and open to God.  We won’t ever feel like forgiving…instead we have to choose to forgive because it’s the right thing to do.  Freedom is found when we make the choice.

God sent his Son, Jesus, to this earth as a baby.  He extended forgiveness to us when Jesus died on the cross 33 years later.  We didn’t deserve that forgiveness, but because of God’s grace it is given to us freely when we accept Christ as our Savior.

The message of Christmas is redemption.  God sent Jesus to redeem the world.  God wants to redeem our lives, but that can only happen when we allow Him to lead our heart.

Who do you need to forgive today?


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4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Who do you need to forgive?

  1. Interesting, as I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject along with wanting to encourage a close friend along the same lines. We both have “family stuff” that calls us to forgive. I understand part of forgiveness
    is no longer making them “pay” for what happened, but I really don’t know the “steps” of forgiving, especially when it’s something I need to do in my heart and not necessarily the the person I need to forgive is asking for.

    Anyone know of any good books (Bible-bases) on the subject?

    • Colepd,

      I’ve heard that “Unpacking Forgiveness” by Christopher Brauns is a good book. I haven’t personally read it, but have just heard about it.

  2. Colepd,
    We cant forgive, because we are hurting. We are still angry about what happened and feel like we dont deserve it. We need to be healed inside, before we could forgive others. For my personal experience, the healing inside is only coming from God through prayers. When I pray, I give all my anger, frustration and pain to Lord. Ask him to reveal to me the true reason why I feel the way I feel. Ask him to lead my heart to working on the real issue underneath the iceberg. Ask him to comfort my heart and erase my pain. Ask him to give me wisdom to make a peace inside of my heart. Ask him to heal my wound. When you are healed by Gods love and grace, you are able to and ready to forgive others. It may take a while, just be patient. When the sourness turns into the sweetness, that is what I call amazing grace.
    Hopefully, this will help.


  3. Thank you ladies!

    I just saw your responses this morning. Thank you very much for your helpful replies and the generous time you took to do so! I just finished reading Proverbs recently and wise counsel is something Im learning to treasure and seek out without talking about everything! 🙂

    Just recently I came to a place where I could take and apply some good advice on moving forward with some steps to rebuild some relationships with necessary boundaries, but – more importantly – rebuilding those relationships concentrating on how God wants me to love and not whether or not the other parties are being fair or kind to my family and me. That was a big step! So, in that way, the hurt has been lessening and very secondary and Im much more concerned about honoring God in my relationships.

    Jill – Im putting that book on my to read list! Thanks again!

    Merry Christmas!

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