November is National Adoption Month…it’s another Giveaway!

Did you like the idea of yesterday’s “Family Challenge” guest post by Jane Graham.  I loved it!  The links to her two blogs were incorrect yesterday…so sorry!  If you want more encouragement like that, you can find her at and  I especially love her “Unofficial Homeschooler” website…(it’s not really for homeschooling moms…it’s built upon the premise that every parent is their child’s first teacher…great stuff!)

Well it’s still November…yes, I know most of us have Christmas on the brain, but we’re still in November and do you know what that means?  November is National Adoption Month!

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a MOPS group in Crown Point, Indiana. In honor of National Adoption Month, they shared this video called “What Adoption Means to Me” that I asked them if I could share with you.  (Click on the picture to launch the video.)

 As you may know, I’m a firm believer in adoption.  However, I wasn’t until God took our family on an unexpected journey of adoption.  Our son Kolya was 9 when he became a part of our family.  (You can read that story here.) After living the first 9 years of his life in an orphanage, today he’s a 17-year-old young man with a bright future ahead of him.

We honestly didn’t “need” another child, but there was a child who needed a family.  God showed me that adoption exists not just for the sake of building a family, but also because there are children that desperately need a family.

I follow several adoption blogs that touch my heart.

Kisses from Katie

The Blessing of Verity

Your Adoption Coach

Not everyone is called to adopt, but God tells us that we are all to take care of orphans (James 1:27). When we adopted Kolya, there were over 100 people who gave us gifts of $25, $50, or any denomination of hundreds of dollars.  One gift of several thousand dollars came from a single friend of ours.

Another friend of ours from Ukraine served as a translator when we brought our son home from Russia. Another friend assisted me with understanding the ESL (English as a Second Language) learning challenges.

All of these people helped take care of Kolya, either to bring him into our family or to help transition him into our family.

In honor of National Adoption Month, I’m giving away a copy of a brand new adoption resource called Before You Were Mine.

To be entered into the drawing for this book, leave a comment on how you have helped to care for orphans or how adoption has touched your family in some way.

Oh, and if you know someone who is adopting, could you pass this along to them?



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28 thoughts on “November is National Adoption Month…it’s another Giveaway!

  1. I recently took a short term mission trip to Haiti and had the priceless oppurtunity to spend some time in a baby orphanage. My heart was captured by these Haitain orphans. Since returning from my mission trip, my husband and I are in prayer about adopting a Haitian orphan.

  2. That’s a great book! I actually read it after we adopted our first child as a newborn. She is 4 1/2 now. I then gave it away to my cousin who has had a heartbreaking adoption journey. She remains faithful though, which is such a testament to her faith. Our son, who just turned 2, also was adopted as a newborn. I’m obviously thankful for our kids’ birth moms and the adoption process.

  3. Adoption is very near and dear to me seeing as how I am the mom to three beautiful children through the miracle of adoption – one private agency at birth; one through the foster care system at the age of 2; and one through foster-to-adopt, who was placed with us at 10 days old. I would love a copy of the book to share with others about adoption! You can read about our adoption story here –

  4. I have always wanted an adopted child since I was little playing house with friends. God granted me my wish 9 years about on Nov 4th we brought home our son Gabriel. We celebrate so much in this month. Although physically adopting another child has not been in God’s plans we have been sponsoring children through Compassion for several years now. We have had the total of 5 children in the past 2 have graduated from the program and the family is looking for another. All these children’s pictures hang on our family wall because we consider them ours. I have not read this book and would love too.

  5. Would love to win this book! We have adopted ourselves and have been privileged to be a part of an organization called Lifesong for Orphans that offers financial assistance for adoptive families and works to bring joy and purpose to orphans. If you check out their gift catalog you can find lots of ways to help orphans this Christmas season. Their website is

  6. We adopted twin 6 year old boys from Ethiopia 18 months ago. It’s been a hard road since coming home, but one that has definitely molded and shaped me into a different person…a person who needs God more. It’s wonderful!!!

  7. It was that VERY verse from James that led us into foster care and adoption too. After years of infertility, we found our answer in God’s word – of course! We fostered then adopted our son at age three, found ourselves pregnant, and then again fostered and adopted another daughter two years later. Today we are blessed with four amazing children, two biological, two adopted. I love adoption stories as they have a beautiful way of connecting us all together. Great post, and great giveaway!

  8. We had 3 amazing kiddos, good jobs, an easy and smooth life–we didn’t need another child to mess up what was so “good.” Our world, money, vacations, clothing was the the king of our home. We made the choice of a vasectomy when our youngest was only 8 weeks old………after all, it was the “right thing to do.” Two years later, we had a new King in our home; one who was exposing what was not so “right” and so “good” about our home. Through tears and prayer we regretted our hasty decision to take away whatever other blessings God had for us and our children. We were still new at this and thought that we could do it our way. We did the first “sensible” thing and traveled to Oklahoma, to the best reversal doctor in the world, spent our savings, made things “right.” Now we would be able to calm this ache that God was stirring in our hearts for more children–right? It didn’t work…….all of the facts and the prognosis and the tears were for nothing. Why did our little family feel so strongly that someday there would be another child if my husband and I could not bear more? Through the gentle guidance of a Godly Christian friend adoption and foster care were suggested. We balked. How could we do this? What would it mean for our “easy” life? With much trepidation we stepped forward into unknown waters to meet our Lord where He wanted us to be…..finally. It took 2 years to get our license to foster–with many hurdles, tears and doubts along the way. We were told we would never receive an infant–they were “hard to come by.” Four weeks after being licensed we got the call. A baby girl was in need and we were the only home they could place her in–she needed a stay at home mom. She was 4 days old, she cried up to 20 hours a day, she was in the throes of withdrawal and was oh so tiny. Did we want her? We knew in that instant that was what God had put that ache there for, this is why we had a longing for another child, this little baby needed us…………….we needed her. “Tiny” came into our home last November and has never left. She is our daughter. We have seen that God is good–our children have seen God’s goodness and love in a situation that hasn’t always made sense. We wanted a child by birth into our family….God had other plans. If we could have, if it had happened the way we “wanted” it to, we would have missed out on this. We would never have known our daughter…….

  9. We are just beginning our adoption journey. Ever since our youngest turned one, we have felt the gentle nudging of God. He is now 3 and we are starting the process. After a year of reading and praying, there are so many groups that do such great work to help the orphans of the world. I pray that more are called to adopt, or at least called to support those who do.

  10. Jill, I was immediately touched my your post today. My husband and I have recently been researching international adoptions from China. This all started when our Sweet Loving God showed me a picture in my mind’s eye of a baby girl in need of a family. Much like your story, we don’t “need” another child, as we have 4 at home, and one who has already left the nest. But my heart is not willing to let this loving baby flee out of my mind. She is beautiful and has eyes as big and bright as the nights sky in the mountains of Montana.
    Thank you for your post today, you have encouraged me to keep on, keeping on for a baby who may not even be born yet, but I love her already.

  11. Adoption is catching… YEAH! Everywhere we look, someone is pursing adoption. We’ve been considering it, but a little lost in the enormity of it all. We have 4 kids and don’t “need” another child, as you put it. However, it’s been in our hearts for a while.

  12. My husband and I always said we were open to adoption but that God would have to drop a baby in our laps. Well, in May 2010 he did just that! We had a family member in trouble so instead of her baby going to foster care we took her temporarily. In Sept of the same year her biological mother asked us to make our situation permanent! We were overjoyed and finalized that Dec!! She was the biggest surprise ever to our family but we can’t imagine life without our now three kids 🙂

  13. Adoption has touched and blessed our family in a huge way. We had our first child, a son, in 2004. In 2006 we welcomed his sister. However, at the age of 8 months she was diagnosed with a terminal disease and went to live with the Lord in Dec. 2007 at the tender age of 15 months. We miss her with all of hearts, but also knew we wanted more children and wanted our son to have a sibling to grow up with. However, the disease our daughter had is genetic and we had learned that any child born to us naturally would have a 25% chance of having the disease….too big of a chance for us. This last July we were blessed with another child, a daughter, through the gift of adoption. She is such an incredible blessing to our family and brings us such joy. God’s plan is always much bigger than we can ever imagine.
    In Christ…

  14. In October out of obedience (I hate garage sales (:) I coordinated a garage sale for friends at our church that are adding 2 African brothers to their family of 6… it was an amazing experience that God completely blessed in incredible ways!!! From a neighbor who offered her huge driveway on a busy road, to neighbors buying all of the helpers pizza and volunteers who LOVE garage sales to help me every step of the way… God is so amazing… we raised over $7.000… my hopeful goal was $2,000… God loves the orphan and moves supernaturally on their behalf!!

  15. We just had friends in church that adopted a beautiful girl from China. They had waited 5 yrs for her. I have 2 nephews that are adopted. If I won the book, I would give it to another friend who is in the process of adopting.

  16. Just over a year ago, we adopted our first son from foster care — on National Adoption Day! God brought us to that moment after years of infertility and an emotionally painful miscarriage — followed by some very difficult foster placements. But now I’m so grateful for all of that pain and hardship! Through it, God gave me a heart for little people that need families. (My husband has always been way ahead of me on this one. Since he was 10, he has wanted to adopt children.) And, just this weekend, we feel as if God gave us the go-ahead to pursue an international adoption! Praise God for the burden He’s giving His people for these little ones — the truly poor and vulnerable among us.

  17. Jill,
    Thank you for recognizing adoption month. Our family has been blessed through adoption. Our 6 year old son is adopted from Guatemala. We are currently working on adopting triplet girls from Haiti, even though they are already in our home due to medical issues. Although our family has not gone without struggles, I can not imagine life without our precious ones. Another advantage to multi-cultural adoption is that people don’t hesitate to come up and ask questions. Although we want to be sensitive to our children, we enjoy telling the story of how God brought us all together. (We were not planning on adopting from Guatemala initially, we only switched to that country after another country closed. We were on the waiting list for Ethiopia when the opportunity to care for the triplets came up.) When I take the time, it is easy to thank God each day for His provision for our family!

  18. We have 2 sons through adoption. They both came into our family at birth. We have no contact with our first sons biological family but are very open to him seeking out them out when he is around 17 or 18. With our 2nd son I was able to be involved in the pregnancy by attending all the doctor appointment and be in the room at delivery. We still have contact with his birth mom and see her 3 to 4 times a year. His birth mom has since had 2 more children that she is parenting. Our son is well aware that they are his birth siblings and often asks to see them. Im very thankful that we still have contact with them. We are now in the process of adopting our 2 year old foster daughter who has been in our home since July. We have a 6 month old foster daughter and we are praying that we will also have the opportunity to adopt her.

    I am very passionate about adoption and foster care and love to share our experience to help others who are considering taking either journey. This book would be a great resource to share with those who I talk with about adoption.

  19. Were currently in the process of adopting a precious little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo. God is teaching us so much through this process and we know He has so much more to teach us as we trust Him in this.

  20. My sister adopted my niece who is now 6 weeks old. They’ve struggled with infertility for many years and she is a dream come true and an answer to our prayers. God is so good. I have 4 children, a 4 year old daughter and 16 mo old triplets (2 boys and a girl) but I don’t think our family is complete yet. I have always had a yearning in my heart toward adoption and I think that in years to come we too will walk this journey.

  21. Orphans are a big part of my heart after spending 6 weeks working in an orphanage in the Philippines. I thought one day, I too, will bring one of these precious children home. After going through infertility without a lot of success, we felt that adopting would not just fit the desire to build our family, but also allow us to care for an orphan in a tangible way that God asks of Christians. Ten years after my time in the orphanage, we will hopefully be bringing a baby boy home from China by this time next year.

    We are also involved in a local orphans outreach: In His Hands Orphans Outreach and will be having a huge fundraiser for orphans this Saturday at Rochester Christian Church in Illinois. 8 AM-12 PM. This will go towards foster children and orphanages.

  22. I have always dreamed of adopting when I was a child, we now have two of our own and just yesterday it came up in conversation with my husband and we talked about adopting, Im so excited that my dream maybe coming true. Im praying and hoping my husband is too!

  23. We are starting the process to adopt an 8-yr old boy from China. He has been paper ready for three years and we have been trying to adopt for three years. We have three girls and one boy, and our boy is especially excited about his brother! We all are very thankful to God for this little boy!

  24. Adoption changed our lives forever after we brought home our first child from Ukraine. Eight years later we were blessed with twins through embryo adoption. God chose to build our precious family through the gift of adoption… our lives are richly blessed. 🙂

  25. I started a home business so I could the profits toward friends who were adopting. It’s been a great opportunity to meet people and share how God has burdened my heart for orphan care.

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