Our Winners…

So many of you responded about sharing your feelings that I just had to give away two books instead of one!

The winners of the Real Moms…Real Jesus book giveaway are:

Lisa (Ogden95)

Lora (llprice74)

I will email each of you to get your mailing address and send out your book!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our discussion.  Your honesty was refreshing and helpful to other moms.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Our Winners…

  1. Hello Jill- This book is absolutely amazing! I have three other girls that are going through it with me as a study and our next meeting will be on the last chapter. The last two chapters hit all of us in a way we couldn’t have expected. A young boy in our church is dying of brain cancer (he’s only ten). The faith the family has shown has been tremendous. And it all makes us a lot more aware of what we are doing with our own families right now. We also all have some big decisions to make in our own lives. (It was an emotional meeting, to say the least.) But your chapter on prayer…reminding us to take snacks, but also to sit and have meals…hit us all as great reminders that even if it is a snack here or there…we need to pray! And then the chapter on the truth about faith…I think all of our jaws hit the floor with all of your specific prayers and answers. We needed to read these more than you’ll ever know. (I have a difficult relationship with one of my brothers and I have now chosen to step away from him so my words don’t get away from me and instead, step into a season of very specific prayer for him.) So thanks Jill. You’re words of wisdom and truths to share are so valuable! Blessings on you! (I feel blessed to have met you personally last year at the HAH conference in your small group of “new moms”. It helps me to relate to you while reading your books!)

    • Theresa, I’m soooooo glad to hear how the book has touched you and your group! That motivates me to get writing…my next book deadline is July 1!

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