Progress Not Perfection

I started a “read the Bible in a year plan” on January 1.  I’ve always wanted to do that, and I decided 2016 would be the year.

I did well the first 15 days of January.  Then I got behind a few days, but was able to get caught up with a little bit of extra reading.

Then I got really behind.

And discouraged.

I poured out my heart to God that I had failed and felt so frustrated. Just as I was ready to give up on my reading plan, God brought to my mind three words that formed the foundation of No More Perfect Kids, the book I co-authored with Dr. Kathy Koch:

Progress, not perfection. 

Dr. Kathy and I wrote, “The middle ground of grace is where we need to plant ourselves and our kids. After all, progress is the goal. It’s not at all about being perfect, but it is about being perfected by the God who has a plan for our lives.”

Oh how I needed those words.

When we expect perfection, fail, and then give up, we stop growing.

When we progress–even imperfectly–we grow.

So I’m still reading. I’m planting God’s Word in my heart on the grace progression plan and I’m loving it.

I’m two weeks behind on the reading schedule, but I’m plugging away and not worrying about doing it perfectly. What’s most important is that I’m progressing.

And that’s the middle ground of grace I’m choosing to embrace.

What about you? Do you need to give yourself grace? What are you doing imperfectly that you need to keep plugging along and making progress in? 


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2 thoughts on “Progress Not Perfection

  1. I’ve decided that the food of God’s word is meant to be savored! I enjoy a slower pace through the Bible rather than devouring it and I’ve done it both ways!

  2. I tried several “read the bible in a year” plans. I don’t want to say I failed, but I could not finish.

    Am now 2/3 way through another plan, and it has been so enriching that I encourage you to find a way to see it through. Don’t be hard on yourself. I’m sure Jesus loves this time with you!

    Also, I’ve found that it helps me to mark each day with the day of the week, instead of a DATE. I have been reading it every day since I began marking it this way.

    This particular plan is my favorite now. It is from a book. It takes a reading from Old Testament, a piece from one of the Books of Wisdom, and a final reading each day from the New Testament. I am amazed every day that the readings mention one another or circle each other in some way.