Quick Tip for Storing Puzzles

I recently cleaned out our toy room and did some major reorganizing.  Many of the puzzle boxes were damaged.  I cut out the picture of what the puzzle looked like and taped it to the outside of a plastic zip-lock bag.  Once the puzzle pieces were in the bag, I was amazed at how much less space the puzzles took up!

Do you have a tip to share for storing puzzles, games, or crafts?


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8 Responses to Quick Tip for Storing Puzzles

  1. Jenna says:

    We actually also store ours in plastic ziplock bags too, however we take it a step further. When we cut out the picture off the front of the puzzle box we assign it letter such as A,B, C etc. on the back along with the number of pieces in that puzzle in the bottom corner, then write that letter on the back of all the pieces that go with that puzzle. It is much easier with young kids and we always know if the puzzle is complete and what puzzle piece goes to which “puzzle kit” .

  2. Vicky Snyder says:

    I have recently become addicted to ziploc bags, hahaha! My son has several hot wheels sets (special stunt/racetrack sets) that he doesn’t use anymore. To keep all the pieces together I put them in those extra large ziploc bags with their individual assembly instructions in each. I love that the bags are big enough to accomodate awkward pieces, but don’t take up as much space as a box.

  3. Lisa says:

    I’ve stored puzzles this way for years. In addition to puzzles, I also have board games stored this way. The directions go right in the bag and they won’t get lost. I purchased an over-the-door shoe storage piece for our entry closet. All of the games fit perfectly. Even those oddly shaped games like Kerplunk, etc.

    When we purchased our coffee table I made sure it had a bottom shelf. I have three decorative baskets where all the puzzles are kept as well as other toys.

    Buy a DVD storage box (smaller than those photo boxes). Keep your DVD’s, game discs, etc. organized; assign each their own color of cd envelope and write the title on the outside of the envelope. I purchased a 4 color set at Walmart very inexpensively. I then keep the original cases in a storage tub in the basement.

  4. Pam Snyder says:

    To go a step farther in storing puzzles, after the puzzle has been put together, I put all the outside pieces in a small plastic bag and the other pieces in another plastic bag. That way, you are not having to look through all the pieces to get the outside put together quickly. These two bags can then go in the Ziploc bag with the picture.

  5. Laura says:

    I just recently put the car toys in those plastic zipper bags that sheets come in (the small ones, not the big comforter size). Now the kids can grab one when we go somewhere, and there aren’t as many toys in the car and I don’t have to dish them out to them like before. The car still gets toys scattered, but since there are fewer of them, when we get back home, I tell the kids to put them back in the bags. And you’ll never guess what…so far they do!!! :)