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Quote-of-the-Week pic“Love is diminished if we dwell on the negatives. Love grows if we focus on the positive.  When you have God’s heart for your husband, you will see through new eyes.”    

                                                                  ~Stormie Omartian


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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. I am working so hard on this one! My husband has made some choices, and had a few choices made for him, that have me riled. It’s so easy to dwell on the negative, and feel justified in doing so. However, I know what God says about respect AND I know that my battle is not with my husband. My battle is with Satan. He would love nothing more than for me to dwell on those negatives and belittle my husband to his face and bemoan him to my friends. Because I recognize it for what it is, I defy Satan. I have asked a few close Godly women to pray for my husband and for me. I don’t say a word about these things to anyone else. And I even resisted the temptation to lay it all out here 😉 My job as the wife is to encourage what my husband does well and show him respect and honor. And so when those thoughts come a’flooding…I go to God. I ask for His help to see the good in my husband, to build him up, and I pray for myself, that those thoughts don’t become “truths” in my heart.