Is There Really Sex After Kids?

187912688Sex…I could go the rest of my life without it!” I said to my husband, Mark, as we drove up to the bed-and-breakfast we had reserved for a two-day getaway. “I have no desire. I’m so tired, and I can’t seem to ever meet your needs!” After spending the past four years either pregnant or nursing, I couldn’t even remember what it was like to be a lover. Read more…

Today’s Marriage Monday is over on the Focus on the Family”s Thriving Family site. If you’re having trouble moving from making meatloaf to making love, click over and find encouragement! Then hop back over here and join the discussion! 

By the way, I wrote an entire book on this subject. It’s now out of print but you can still find it on used book sites!

What about you? What has helped you move sex from a task to a treat? 


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One thought on “Is There Really Sex After Kids?

  1. I think it has really helped to spend time watching a TV show or movie together. We can wait till the kids are down for a nap and avoid a sitter. It may sound lame, but it gives us something to talk about (and even laugh about), whicg can make me feel closer and more relaxed about my situation…which makes me more relaxed about intimacy.